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Happy New Year!

Here's wishing the AE clan a great New Year and hoping they introduce us to more ground (sound) breaking toys to challenge our perceptions of sound!



  • Happy New Year to all fellow comrades in the AE community...if you have not voted for the Best Product of the Year 2015, 2 more hours to go....

    Katongkid, what is your vote? Trinity?
  • Happy New Year, Best wishes for 2016 to you all.
  • edited January 2016
    Dear all,

    A new year has begun for a big change. Whether it is for the betterment or detriment shall not be the discussion focus here. You guys can always call me for private chats about the world issues in general.

    For AE in 2016, the 4th Super Hi End Audio show will be held on July 9 and July 10 this year. One day is a programmed show like the previous 3 years in conjunction with Audiotechnique. The extra day is for free demo of anything brought by visitors alongside tech sessions to be held individually by designer. I have received constant feedbacks from many who wished to come but need to work on Saturday. I will also extend to 3 rooms this year. There are quite a few special projects working behind for this upcoming show.

    I have learnt so much from this public show in the past 3 years. Experiences accumulated always lead to improvement. Mistakes committed in the past shall never repeat. The goal is to keep breaking new grounds rather than changing preferences.

    This show has increasingly attracted the attention of overseas visitors who just fly in for one show by one company. We take this as encouragement and hope to bring new ideas and surprises to everyone.

  • Hi PT,
    I have these 2 days on my diary marked. Not to be missed for sure!
    I guess the arrangement will be 1 room each for the Trinity loudspeaker, Goebel loudspeaker & Cessaro horn?
  • CK,

    There will be surprises.

  • 今日終於夢想成真,真的擁抱着由2015年頭恨到年尾的喇叭――Wagner。
  • 恭喜!一套Trinity推Wagner一定是非常配合,我可以想像到那種躍動而且透明真實的重播!
  • Bubble兄,

    果然有taste! 跟PT用一套Trinity推Cessaro Horn 一定冇錯啦!佢家中套系統真係嚇X死好多人。上星期又有一個聽完後買了全套Trinity.
  • Bubble,

    Congrats! Wagner is a very good speakers. It sounds so big and dynamic. I can't think of any speakers that can outperform it at this price range.
  • Bubble,

    I remember the Wagner performance vividly. You have picked a very good pair of speakers.
  • Bubble,

    I echo your excitement. What are your previous speakers? Anyway, I also concur trinity is an excellent partner for Cessaro. This is counter inuititive to most people. But once you experienced it before, the sheer realism just captivates your heart easily.
  • 多謝各位祝賀!
    Thanks for everyone!
    Wagner performs in a high tempo and dynamic content which makes it standout from others at similar price range. If I were PT, I would set the price at 400k.

  • My previous speaker is B&W 800 Diamond.
  • Robbie,

    Can you share more about your trinity/Cessaro horn experience? I am interested to know more about your mentality behind the jump from try conventional camp to the horn camp.

  • Hi uncle Ray,

    Thanks for your opinions so far in helping me to enhance my system. Here is my experience in selecting Wagner.

    After I listened to PT's Trinity combo with Cessaro Brahms at his home, the following drawbacks I found in my Trinity combo with B&W speakers:


    (1) Inadequate energy:

    PT's combo can deliver much higher level of energy than my system in many scenarios in particular the large orchestras which the energy was generated by PT's system for double bass in low range frequency 30-40 Hz. As the sound of double bass is sometimes light, it is easily obscured by other instruments in large orchestras. I clearly listened to the tensile intensity in PT's system. But that kind of energy in my previous system only could be felt in tiny portion and disappeared without noticeable occasionally. Further, the feeling of listening to large orchestra is not so shock as that in  PT's system.

    (2) Unreality:

    Even the songs was beautiful in my previous system, I started to think about how real is it, after I listened to PT's system whose speed is high so that a correct and an accurate tonality can be demonstrated so as the actual voice of the singer.


    (1) Subsequent to the above findings, a question arising is: where does the energy go? Which part/component in my system captured it? 

    The answer is obvious: the low sensitivity B&W speakers.

    (2) Due to the right speed of the Brahms speakers at least I can enjoy listening to the real things which belong to the original beautiful sound of the singer, instead of the "colored beautiful" from low-speed B&W. If I compromise the wrong but colored beautiful sound, it seems I choose to trust a lier.

    Find out a solution

    I had to get a pair of new speakers  with high sensitivity and high speed  to release the energy and provide the right tonality so that I can fully utilize my Trinity combo which is a distortion free electronic

    ---->>Cessaro Wagner

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