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Product of the Year - 2014

Time to pick your brain on what product stuns you the most in 2014.

The Trinity DAC? Ultimate Wadax? Goebel? Lars? Takumi k15? Dalby Ode? Thales Simplicity 2? SRA Craz 3? Chuoku by Zanden? Tripoint Emperor? Cessaro Horn?

There are so many new joiners in the AE community, let's have more votes to which one stands out to be the most successful product in 2014!!


  • Linebacker XE
  • Highest Value:
    The 2nd AE Super HI End Audio Show on July 12, 2014

    Highest CP:
    Linebacker XE

    My favorite:
    Trinity PA
  • Trinity amp - sweeps the floor. Fxxk all other solid state on earth
  • This was a fascinating year for AE. Really a tough call for me as improvement are accumulative. From a versatile point of view, troy signature remains my top spot. From the most out of the box point of view, Javier's ultimate Wadax had me speechless till now. The linebacker XE could we'll be the most unthinkable and accessory for this year.

    But the one that really seal my mouth and chill my spine is Trinity power amp.
  • The choice is obvious - trinity amp. I ear-witness it kills my gryphon memphisto stereo, FM811 and analog domain Artemis at Raymond's home. And outperforms all of them by a huge margin. Results are conclusive even to hardcore FM acoustics owner.

    I was told jsn's previous amp is also gryphon memphisto.
  • Trinity Power Amp. Been enjoying it since it arrived a couple of weeks ago!
  • 山田和利先生的曠世巨作 - 長空
  • The best product : Trinity Poweramp.
    My personal favourite : Tripoint Signature.
    The most under-valued product : JMF power-conditioner.
  • My choice:

    Product of the Year: Zanden Chuoku

    Accessory of the Year: Extreme Linebacker
  • My choice is Robert Koda Takumi K-15 preamp and the Madake cartridge.

    The Zanden Chouku is out of reach for me but the performance of it is really shocking.
  • What a party here!

    My pick is the Spanish black horse - Wadax Ultimate Pre One! The out of the box thinking is fucking unique in the industry. We should reward new ideas more!

    Other than that, Robert has done an excellent job on the K-15!
  • My vote goes to K15. Robert did an extraordinary job to produce K15 after the excellent K10. This illustrates that there are always room for improvement. In terms of performance, Chuoko is the best but the main "issue" is that it is really far away from me...
  • 我個人的首位選擇是Takumi K15. 真竹唱頭是第二.
  • My pick is trinity power amplifier. There is no equivalent of it on earth now.
  • My pick is trinity power amp as well.
    Second is choku. Piece of art!
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