Black Body

Have received the first three black body just before the lunar new year. Took one to try on a friend's system in Sai Kung. The improvement is like putting a mobile Troy to his system.


  • Anyone who can share more about this BB especially about the best location/placement? I tried last week putting the BB facing one channel of the power amp and under higher volume, I find that the channel with BB is definitely less 'noisy' than the other...quite a fascinating device.
  • The location of the black body matters tremendously. My experience is that the closer the better of the BB towards the components (where the power inlet is located). But the problem is that almost all customers have only 1 BB at the moment due to scarcity of stock arising from excess demand, we cannot really test the "combination" effect.

    Another group reported the addition of BB on top of 1 will degrade the performance, I urge them to test thoroughly before reaching a conclusion because there are adequate field evidences to prove the other way round. And the BB does not touch the signal and ground/electricity at all. One needs to have enough experiences to differentiate "different" type of noises. We may love some noises unconditionally and irrationally until you know what are they and what solutions are required to resolve.

    Keep trying!
  • We have sold more than 50 black bodies. Hard to describe this amazing improvement brought over to many systems. Most customers have at least three. Only one customer so far wants to return them to me. And I am welcome because I don't have enough stock. And many need even more.

    Mr. Zanden experimented various ways to maximize the potential of it and ended up putting it in an interestIng manner. Take a look at the picture.
  • How many BBs are you guys using?
  • I am using a total of 5, plus 8 linebackers SE.
  • My recent experience with the Blackbody is that, when I use it in a system equipped with a Troy, the result of using Black body is more apparent, just using one would yield a very rewarding result. The ground noise, once removed, can really make a huge difference in terms of resolution! I am using 3 Blackbody in my system, one on the source and 2 on the power amp...really fantastic product....

    In a system without the ground box, using one Blackbody may not be enough for a clear AB comparison.

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