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2012 - Products of the Year

Time to put up this post as 2013 is just around the corner....

To me.

Best Accessory of the Year: Dalby Record Weight

Best components of the Year: Tidal Agoria

This year I have skipped many super crazy gears, power cords and ground wires so it is not a very challenging thing for me to choose. As an observer, the streaming of the products from AE in 2012 is non-stop and become more diversified. On top of the evolvement of their house products like Lizst from Cessaro, new Olympic Reference and FMR phono by Argento, Agoria, Impulse by Tidal, Virtu series by DaVinci, we saw new brands of turntables, tonearms, preamp, speakers and even the most recently CAS (which I cannot escape unfortunately!)...Come on...this is a crazy collection of exotics stuff to die for !! That keeps me away from my early retirement !!



  • I vote Dalby Record Weight/Tripoint THOR ground wire.
  • Dalby Record Weight/Dalby D7 preamp
  • Dalby Record Weight/Audio Power Labs TNT50
  • Argento FMR phono cable/Dalby Record Weight
  • FMR phono is a breakthru for Argento. Dalby Record weight is simply exquisitely made and the impact on vinyl sound is pathbreaking!
  • Mr. Dalby seems to be the super rising star in the community. The Dalby record weight eclipses everything out there by a universe. It is hard not to pick it as product of the year.

    But I'd also like to vote AGORIA by Tidal as the product of the year too. The speakers are the soul of the system. How many speakers out there are actually speakers? Frankly, not much. The Agoria is great.
  • I was amazed by the list made up by Marvel on the new gears coming out this year. Every time when a gear shows up, the level is raised. There seems not an end even we feel we are already in the submit. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to experience all the top gear and thus it would be a bit bias for me to vote for the product of the year. Anyway, I would vote for Lizst which I just had a chance to listen to it. I vote for it because I have preference on horn speaker but it is so sophisticated that people will not feel that it is a horn when listening to it. Really superb!
  • Following AE is a dilemma...

    While we are constantly bombarded by nice surprises, the influx of exotic gears never let our system get settled...

    Whenever I am contented with what I hear with "That's it" cross my mind, PT will carry a ladder for me to climb, which I daren't to look back. The summit is forever a mirage...

    Losing myself in this audio SM is a voluntary act. I don't see when I will graduate in this audiophile cirriculum by AE. And 2012 is only my 2nd yr with you guys...

    And it is about time to announce who are the winners...(in order of preference)

    Champion:Dalby retains the crown(my choice last yr was the LV feet) with the unsurpassed ground wire!

    1st Runners-up: Wadax for the groundbreaking digital phono (it sounds analogue afterall!)

    2nd Runners-up: Argento Olympic 2012 (it alters my perception to Argento, without a trace of cosmetics)

    Look forward to more votes from other AE commrades!

  • For me it is the Telos tonearm. You do not need A/B comparison to hear that it is superior, and you can hear the difference from the kitchen
  • 我的選擇是Stahltek的Opus Prime DAC/ABC. 呢套素碼系統已達致全冇素碼味, 但同時音色的表達極為之自然.
  • My choice is very clear: Argento Olympic Reference 2012 power cable - the most natural rendition of mid range ever on a power cable design.
  • 我會選擇Tripoint Orion 和 Argento Olympic Reference power. 條電源好靚!
  • Product of the year in my eyes is: the PRE-ONE Phono by Wadax.
  • God.....How can I choose? Can I say ALL the AE products?

    Speaker, this year provided a dramatic development of AE business. The new Globel and Listz give me an exit from a dark tunnel where I stuck inside for some years. It is enlightenment.

    Mr. Madrid brought me a crazy Wadax which offers an unprecedented computer sound quality. It is an Innovation.

    The rest of our products…they all have their special and unique characters. Inside the audio exotics theater, all the hi-end audio designers are an important part for the play!!

    ALL THE BEST IN 2013…Live With Music!!

  • Wadax is a real breakthrough of AE in the area of CAS. It is a sort of the swiss army knife in digital domain. Analog user would also appreciate its phono feature too. I'll be very happy to see it as a product of year.

    Liszt is the statement product from CESSARO. I could not find a single fault for it. But the problem is too few people to audition it. If it could not be the product of this year, please count it in 2013.
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