A Gamer Changer in Room Acoustics Tool

What is it?


  • To be continued..... the impact is too dramatic for me to digress for the time being.
  • Here is the ghost of diffusor
  • I have installed 4 in my listening room working in tandem with the other diffusor by Tidal. I put two at the back of my listening position an one each on the first reflection points of the speaker. Left and right hand sides become more balanced and soundstage stretched more symmetrically on both sides seemingly not obstructed by the wall, door, etc on both sides.

    With 4 of these, I am in a much more balanced virtual space in terms of acoustics. A tool which I cannot listen to my system without it!
  • Personally, I think this is the biggest discovery from AE. Broad band diffusion at the 1st reflection point has enormously enhanced the sound-staging with solid imaging and stability. It makes a huge improvement in my room. I am using a total of 6. 2 at the back of my listening position, 2 and the side walls and 2 at the rear wall behind the speakers. The palpability achieved now is shocking. I am surprised not so many people talk about this here.
  • WChow,

    I have put 2 Tidal diffusors and absortion paintings on wall behind the speakers, so I am reasonably good although I think putting more broadband diffosors would even be better....PT has reently installed the Wings on the ceiling which I think you should also try...mine is a false ceiling which may not hold the Wings as it is heavy. I have the 'Cloud' from Tidal on the ceiling which serves the purpose....

    Room acoustics is important but has been undermined by many, ironically myself, in the course of system development...
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