Matej Isak Mono and Stereo Exclusive interview with Analog Domain - Angel Despotov:

Interesting reading for all interested in Analog Domain...

Matej Isak Exclusive interview with Analog Domain - Angel Despotov | MONO and STEREO Ultra High-End audio magazine


  • I'd like to meet this Angel chap. HIs analog domain is one crazy hell of amplification miracle. The transients and energy arise out of complete silence and calmness alike put his amp into the God category. I do know what is control. Some amps keep pumping bass juices all over the place. Some other keep the bass as tight as the banks vault.

    I must emphasize the burst of transients out of "silence" is a complete sentence. Many amps can do transients. Many can do power. But I have not listened to one that can do it out of complete silence. Energy combustion out of a virtual space above the ground. When it is done, the "silence" implied by the acoustic can be felt. This is "THE" amplifier.
  • I always enjoy your straight cut. Will you go solid state?
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