AE Showroom - One year on

I visited the AE showroom about a year ago when it was being built and when it first launched. Back then PT told me of his plans for AE and as usual we discussed sound, music and the economy (PT being an economist by day, and peddler of exquisite toys by night).
I visited the showroom again again after a year. In between PT has visited me at home in Singapore a couple of times, and each time,a new piece of sonic art appears in my listening landscape. However nothing prepared me for what the full assault that met my ears last night.
The Audio Exotics studio has by far the best sound in Asia. I have auditioned equipment in many of the audio capitals in Asia (Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and of course Hong Kong) and nothing even comes close!
All I can say is 'Bravo AE!!!' You are pushing the limits of sound, and I hope that your new studio provides a fitting encore to your first!

ps. The new Thales TTT turntable is sublime!


  • PT is willing to accept very harsh criticisms without losing temper. But it was also true PT had screwed up big time during earlier days. He listens attentively. He SMS me the other night about Danny helped identifying the 1st reflection point on the right hand side of the room was not being addressed. This seems to be too "big" of an fundamental issue to be neglected. Sometimes, it is hard to see when you are in the woods.

    The whole system has a lot of ease now. It is no longer hurried with pristine resolution remains intact. The bass has a lot of beef, great articulation.

    It is definitely a "reference" in many ways regardless of what perspective one employs and which camp one belongs to.
  • Katongkid, what's your opinion of the Thales' analog source? Did you bite any bullet afterwards?
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    I'm been waiting to jump back into the analogue world for some time now, after being away from it for so long. However, my requirements were pretty specific.
    1) Must perform near the top of its range!
    2) Must NOT require too much fuss. I really don't have the time to tinker and adjust and recalibrate every time before I put a record on ...
    3) Must perform in my current listening environment, which is non-air-conditioned.
    4)Must not be too large, as I don't have the space
    5) Must look as good as it sounds. This is important as I am all about the aesthetic look of the pieces I buy.

    So, yes, I did bite the bullet and ordered the Thales TTT, with the Simplicity arm ...
  • A friend of mine that I showed the photo in the first post below took one look as said it looked like a disassembled Transformer ;)

    Thought that was pretty funny!
  • That's what I did too for my 2nd horn based system. I believe you were listening to the Thales' simplicity with the Kansui cartridge. I just trust Mr.Zanden's judgment on it given his highly respected experiences in the field.
  • Yes! I ordered the Thales simplicity with with the kansui cartridge.
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