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My recent visit to Zanden Osaka

After meeting Yamada san so many times in Hongkong, I have finally had an opportunity to pay a visit to Yamada's 'home office' in Osaka city on Monday this week. Driving from Shinsaibashi to Zanden's office is around 12km and under the guidance of GPS, it took no pain for me as a new driver on the roads in Japan to find Yamada's showroom.

We talked for over an hour non-stop on various Zanden's product including their new DAC, phono and a couple of 'secret projects' by Yamada san. I am very excited about this especially on the DAC since there is a patented filter which is neither a tube nor a solid state design....he is well aware of what we are benchmarking in this community for redbook CD playback that he feels it is a very challenging job for him...but between the eyes and voice tone of Yamada san, I can feel his pride and confidence...

After knowing some secret projects being done by Yamada san which I have agreed not to talk too much now, I am confident that we will hear more about Zanden in the next 12 months....



  • Yamada san looks slim and fit. That's good to know. I am excited to learn he is doing a new dac. But the benchmark is extremely high now with the flawless Vekian Opus. But this group rewards out-of-the-box thinking designer always for as long as final product delivers. But I am certain you have plenty of fans in AE. It is good to know you have something new. It's been awhile.
  • I always like his work. His 1200mk3 phono is beautiful. A new dac is exciting but I agree with Raymond that the benchmark now is extremely high. But I am sure he will have something special too.
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