System Development of a new AE fellow

He auditioned our reference Tidal system several times over a period of 3 months. I am grateful he has chosen a complete AE solution to build his system from scratch.

How can any serious audiophile live without SRA? It is the very foundation of mechanical vibration management at the class equivalent to Rolls Royce.

Today, we delivered a 3-shelf SRA Scuttle Rack to our new friend


  • Unpacking the wooden crate took more than 30 minutes. Our staff was taking care of the "leveling" during the installation process.
  • He has chosen the Vekian CDT/DAC as his primary digital source. He also uses Audioquest Diamond HDMI for the digital connection. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will see the subsequent arrival of the preamp, mono amplifiers and speakers alongside the almighty Troy.

    The entire system will be completely wired by Argento's top of the line Flow Master Reference (FMR) interconnects and speaker cables.
  • Fantastic! hope you have been piano tuner. let me ask you...SRA is amazing. What do you think of Wave Kinetics claim that you can use their products on "ordinary" racks...and get world class results without spending big money on the rack? OR...would you simply both!!! ;)
  • After waiting for two months, the Tidal Contriva Diacera SE finally arrived alongside Preos and Impact monobloc
  • We started moving the gorgeous SCUTTLE RACK by SRA to the center position before uploading the Vekian CDT/DAC onto the 2nd level.
  • The nobility of the "black" is second to none on any Tidal speakers.
  • The special custom "Sunray" feet will arrive later. The speakers are currently standing on magazines for the time being.
  • The theme of "How can one live without Troy" continues perpetually.
  • The whole system is wired by Argento's FMR interconnects and speaker cables. AC noises are taken care by ORB's Kyoto. Ground noises are terminated by Troy and mechanical noises are leveled by SRA.

    This customer spent approximately 2-3 months shopping for a system that suits his need. He told me he had auditioned almost every showroom in Hong Kong. I am thankful he kept coming back to our reference Tidal system for a total of 3 times. In the end, he brought along his wife for a final audition. Then he made the decision of putting complete "trust" on AE philosophy. The entire system is bought at one go - everything from the Vekian source all the way down to every cables.

    Today, I was touched when he sent me an SMS saying - " I am enjoying the system very much even at this stage without burn in and feet. The sound is great. "

    I feel so good.
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