Designer Audio: SPEC RSA-F1 by Kochi Yazaki

We are interested to know why would a man whom uses a pair of 300B amplifier driving horn speakers for almost 40 years would like to design a solid state/digital amplifier. Frankly speaking, this is almost an impossible act because they are different in nature. But at the same time, if the tonality of his new design cannot reproduce the musicality at least on par with his own 300B amp, why would he spend all the trouble and resources to do something like this?


  • Mr. Koichi Yazaki (formerly an acoustic/amplifier engineer at TAD),and currently the chief designer of SPEC amplifiers
    has been an enthusiastic enthusiast of 300B tube single amplifier and has been using a 38 years old 300B single amplifier of his own design up to today with several improvements and modifications to achieve an ultimate 300B sound.

    Only the problem of 300B single amplifier is a very low output power which is not able to drive recent low efficiency speakers, and in order to solve this problem without sacrificing such a beautiful tone, a rich stereophonic effect and a dynamic real sound of 300B, he finally reached to a combination of a pure analog power supply section and the latest technology Digital amplification section with accurate PWM switching devices.

    Can he really achieve his goal? AE would like to find out why. We are constantly looking for high "spirit" in audio that is willing to walk an extra mile to break away from the norm.

    The amount of dedication to the creation of this amplifier is enormous. I feel like opening an important legal document of some sort....
  • How many amplifiers out there do you see a solid wooden base in oak? Attention to details is fanatic. But the real question is: how does it sound? His first challenger is strong. The Telstar 211 by Graham Tricker. Yes, I am going to test it in the Cessaro Beta system. Make it fast and clean.
  • 咩料? 日本仔素碼功放? 唔似係AE搞開果科喎. 有冇人翻譯一下?
  • PT,

    That is damn interesting. Digital amplification and switching power supplies are the recipe for bad sound. But if a man claims using only 300B amplifier driving horn speakers for 40 years has a will to build something like this, he is either crazy or someone pays him buckets of cash to do something entirely different. And I am truly skeptical of digital amplifier/switching power supply amp genre can faithfully imitate the sound of tube.

    This is perhaps your most provocative pick. Big Ralph of Cessaro is not going to be happy about using digital amp to drive his fat sexy lady.

    My beloved Tron syren black label and Telstar 211 amp is one of the very few top tube amps out there.

    Your bloodbath report will be funny. I do respect people with the faith to reproduce something different. The spirit is important but more important is the result.

    Bankers and audiophiles are the same. They are irrational. They care only the result. The means to the end is not important.
  • VR,

    I need my trusted ears (Mr.Zanden, Mr.DV, and Uncle Ray) to verify and confirm.
  • 'Bankers and audiophiles are the same. They are irrational. They care only the result. The means to the end is not important.'

    This is the quote of the year :).
  • hummm......PT's short statement implicates....
  • VR,

    Anything can happen in this world. . PT's tube amp driving the Cessaro was retired.
  • what do you mean?
  • 膽機唔夠素瑪功放揪真係天大笑話!
  • Sergent Mak,

    This is a very rare amp and a very outstanding one. It belongs to one of the top 3 amplifiers of my own journey. I intentionally not to talk about it because I want "stereotyping" to be in charge in most people's minds and then shock them off the chair.
  • 肥仔基, 我不敢唔信你但係日本仔素碼amp有乜法寶? 你真係要比我見識下.唉, 點敢唔信你, 我連絕對創造喇叭線也掃埋. 我班朋友又開始第一條添哥power話我絕對顛喪, 到中段再買了兩對二佬interconnect的絕對無奈, 以致現在的絕對靚聲. 我心感佩服.
  • 啞麥sir, 絕對創造喇叭線煲成點?
  • 火兄,

    播完Dire Straits隻Brothers in Arm的"Money for Nothing"" Brothers in arm"後我啞口無言. 點解? 究竟點解? 

    肥仔基, 你們應該出來show下quali啦!
  • 食沙佬號角好有料到, 我以後不敢再挑戰肥仔基. 你揀得入自己家用一定唔係普通料, 但知不過有乜理由素碼功放可以.....全套號角系統全也用上絕對創造又有多少功勞?

    出來show quali? 冇必要被人指指點點, 依家玩得好有風格.
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