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AE's 2nd showroom in construction

Does this look familiar? That same team is constructing a 2nd showroom for us now just as stringent as the 1st one in terms of room acoustics treatment. More to follow....


  • Congratulations! Where is this one? What system will you put inside?
  • I guess a small system but enough to kill many giants....I hava a high expectation on this because the size of this showroom should be close to many of our listening areas at this can be my reference setting....
  • 睇來發展一日千里. 起初外面話這裡是小圈子, 神神秘秘. 現我身在其中, 終於明白到些處是什麼地方. 水準好高, 冇想到showroom可以重播到我冇想象過的立體感
  • More picture. We pare all the corners at the ceiligs by builidng "arcs".
  • We began stuffing in "absorption" materials.
  • The filling of absorption material on the ceiling was done.
  • The AC Sockets postions are all set too. We will use ORB's KYOTO grade AC sockets that are exclusively made for us.
  • What material will you use to cover the walls?
  • Looking good so far...I like the rounded edges in the corners. i will say, i was very impressed with your first room. i have commented that a snap sounds like a full snap...with no excess echo, but also without the snap being "swallowed" by the room like in some audio rooms which are overdamped.

    you really feel the fullness of the snap in your first show room. very nice!
  • The materials are exactly as the same as those used in our current showroom now. It is a absorption/diffusion material used by some concert halls in Europe.
  • The ceiling is basically done.
  • The back wall after the listening position.
  • 呢間房放什麼機? 喇叭?
  • The side wall - we changed the orientation from horizontal (as in the case of AE showroom now) to vertical. We want to find out if the diffusion pattern really changes in accord with the orientation of the acoustics material.
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