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Some thoughts on Tripoint Orion

After privately exchanging a few emails with VR and Uncle Ray seeking some audio opinions, they pressed me to write something about the Orion.

I have two Spartans. One for my audio system, another one for my home theatre room. Spartan needs no further introduction as experienced veteran like Ptsang, Marvel, and some other folks bought it with pride right from the beginning.

VR told me I should try putting on source components on the Orion only and let the Spartan takes care all of the hungry power amp. I was too lazy to test. The reason that triggered me to buy the Orion on top of two spartans is the very fact that I am a cable freak like Marvel. I like to choose my own power cords for the Orion to experience different sonic results.

Not until the arrival of the stuff high current, my incentive to unplug all source components and switch them over to the Orion is none. To cut a long story short, I did what VR had suggested to me. All the source components, Tidal Preamp, Takumi K10, LPX crossover, Vekian CD/CDT, Neodio CDT/DAC, Zanden Mk3 phono, a total of 8 components completely filled up the Orion.

There is a profound sense of calmness that is never experienced before after I did this. Transients surge up and down with lightning speed at a 3 dimensional virtual space. The riffing by Jimmy Page on his guitars is revealed with stunning micro motion and clarity in x, y and z axis. Division of labor between Spartan and Orion/Stuff HC take my Tidal system to an uncharted territory. It is not just about the recreation of the soundstage as I could achieve that long time ago, but really the entire "mood" of the live recording.

The latest live recording of Mark Knoplfer and Harris, I can really feel these two are enjoying the stage, but not competing against each other to be spot light on the stage. That is not to say the sound was tight when everything was plugged into one spartan, but two AC conditioners dividing the work load is better. And I have to say it is much better not in terms of the usual hi fi jargons but an experience.

VR told me to use recordings with more speed to do the test before I posted my verdict. I have to say I have never thought about trying dividing the works between Spartan and Orion even I have them all.

It is also fairly certain to say the Orion with the Stuff HC serving Spartan brings my system to an even high resolution on all perspectives.

Thanks for the idea.




  • jeff, have u tried the Tidal pre in your Spartan high current section. My tidal pre is power hungry and very very sensitive to power cords.
  • Jeff,

    I am glad you tried it. The Orion is damn damn good with the stuff high current. The unspoken sense of calmness is precious. The moment of silence can be felt when the conductor puts down the baton. This is ghostly. I tried hard to position my speakers inch by inch to get the soundstaging closer to the AE room standard.

    PTsang suggests you put the Tidal Prescenio in the high current session of the Spartan instead of the Orion. Had you tried? I am curious to know.
  • For those Vekian DAC and Spartan users, please connect the Vekian DAC from the High current side of the Spartan and you will be amazed !! I am using this connection when I switched to use Vekian transport and FMR XLR interconnects.
  • The Spartan is a strange machine, common -sense does not apply here. With the spartan, the choice of power cord is even more important than the choice of an interconnect.I mean, it can be day and night if the wrong pc is used.
  • Peter,

    The most sensitive power cord on the Tidal Prescenio is the power cord feeding the Volume display but not the power supply.

    This preamp has ultimate resolution with the ability of reveal layers and layer of information with full dimensionality in an engulfing manner. I am using it on the Orion with stuff high current.

    Our gang tested last night about your claim. But we all agree plugging the Tidal preamp into the Orion with stuff HC as the cord from the wall to the Orion is way better in terms of resolution and speed. There is an unspoken sense of calmness that makes it precious.

    Spartan cannot use better power cords that what comes with it which are already superb. But compared to stuff HC, it is nit resolute enough for my gang here.

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