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Mr. Zanden's venture into the Cessaro Beta System

Whenever these big horns show up, it always attract the trespassers wondering why there are so big.


  • The making of the huge horn takes a complete 6 full months from start to finish. It is a work of art. I always admire the wood work of Cessaro horn.
  • It takes 3 man to work together to upload the lower mid horn to the main speakers.
  • The works were smooth yesterday. We finished uploading the horns to both channels at 4pm. The remaining 2 hours was primarily for crossover modification works. Another 1 hour for putting them back into the speakers plus fine tuning. By dinner time, the system was singing nicely.

    The biggest lesson that I learnt yesterday was the placement of the subwoofers. There was ZERO BOOMING in spite of the installation of the huge horn. To compare, I had severe booming right at the beginning. The fundamental differences, apart from Mr.Zanden's superb tuning skills, are the placement of subwoofers to the corners in my case whereas in Mr.Zanden's home - the subs are located to the left of the main speakers far from the corners.

    I basically loaded up the bass energy at the corner in my current setup. When time permits, I will do a complete change.
  • No booming? That literally means the speed of the mid bass must be lightning fast!
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