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Many visited AE Showroom recently have experienced the power of the Analog Domain power amps Calysto driving the almighty Sunray speaker which need no further elaboration. The way AD power amp is connected to the Sunray is much simpler than the full suite Impact monos driving the Sunray + T1 subwoofer under the Active x-over connection schematics. The latter is a total solution end to end while AD+Sunray is a 'conventional' mix and match. I am impressed by both but calculating the total cost of deployment for either solution, I believe the AD option is a more attractive one for me. Although Calysto is sitting at the bottom of the AD power amp family, it can deliver 500W per channel which in AE's showroom is rocking me upside down already!

In my numerous audition of the AD amps, it delivers a very steady, controlled and refined power from low volume to rock the ceiling, from lower bass to the ultra treble...It has the typical characteristics of a SS power amp, quick slam, fast transient, wide dynamic range, well controlled bass....I can continue to count on its strength, but sorry I have yet spotted any deficiency out of it except that it is not easy to imagine even the lowest model in the family is already a 'giant killer' of many out there! Would going for Apollo (its top end member) be an overkill for an ordinary or even an extraordinary size of audition room? My friend in Taiwan will soon find this out but to me, a pair of Calysto placing on top of a pair of Virginia class SRA is nothing but my 'ultimate' dream amplification.

Before I wake up from the dream, I received an email from Jlam inviting early subscription of the AD power cord which is designed to deliver unlimited power supply at a high current with absolute 'flat' response to all frequencies. The designer challenges that no other power cable has undergone similar testing during the design and production phase. A cable freak, as I am always describing or being described in this forum, I did not hesitate and make a short reply, 'a pair for Marvel please'.

When I got the cable last Sat, I immediately put it in the Takumi K70 power amp replacing the 'Stuff'. In my listening room, I normally do not turn in high volume but I can tell without any doubt that both the AD power cord and the 'Stuff' are of the same league and sit on top of all the power cords that I have ever used. AD power cord matches well with Takumi with a wider and deeper soundstage,very steady and stable particularly when playing orchestral type of music with multiple groups of musical instruments all orchestrating with each other. It does not highlight any particular frequency range while in comparison, the 'Stuff' puts a bit more highlight on the mid high to high. Frankly it is not unpleasant for ears by having some highlighted address on the mid high to high which most of the music would earn the attention of the audience. AD simply increase the 'driving power' of my amp by 20% in a very relaxed and natural manner without changing the characteristics of the power amp, if it has a character of its own. K70 just become K90 in my tiny listening room and under the same listening volume, I can feel the power amp has a better handle on the drivers of the speakers guiding smoothly how they should sing together to form a contiguous musical picture!

I have yet compare the Stuff with the AD power cord on the source but my 'instinctive' guess would be Stuff is a better mate for source while AD is the final gatekeeper to make sure the power amp has more than sufficient feed of quality electricity power. Both Stuff and AD power cords are having an extremely low noise platform although I believe the STuff should have a slight edge over AD on this front. More comparison in applying them on the source would help me more in understanding both of them on signal to noise performance and resolution.

Such early taste of AD in my system set me 'on fire' to get the AD power amp earlier rather than later...realising the $$ reality...I have to go back to my earlier dream for the time being...

Marvel (zzz...zzz....zzz)


  • It is so far my ultimate amplification machine.
  • Marvel,

    Had you applied to source component? It is very good too.
  • I don't have one but Uncle Ray brought one over when passed by my home in Beijing last evening. It work wondrously with Takumi K10. It is warmer than the Argento FMR power. The bass is more naturally presented. There are many subtle details. I like the top end of the FMR power more.
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