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The Art of Tone arm - Talea 2 by Joel Durand

After 6 months of waiting, the masterpiece by Professor Joel Durand finally arrived today.


  • Attention to details can be observed from the wooden box. This is not just another wooden box. Even the handle of it is made by wood.
  • I dare not to take out the cloth. The arm and other delicate parts are contained inside special pockets.

    The Art of Tone arm is the theme of AE in the second half of 2011:

    1. Master Virtu reference arm by Da Vinci
    2. Simplicity by Thales
    3. Talea 2 by Joel Durand

    They represent absolutely the best of the best in the field. The arm boards are all ready as I ordered them 6 months ago. They can be all shown together on the Da Vinci Gabriel AAS turntable.

    We are sorry that we had no time and capacity to accommodate LP setup in 1H11 because we keep refining the sound of the CD based system. In the 2nd half, there will be plenty of surprises in the vinyl front.
  • JLam, check email. This is classy.
  • Please check email.
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