Various Hi End Mechanical Vibration Control System at AE

SRA has tailored made a cool looking rack purely for analog turntable. In this case, it is made especially for Da Vinci Gabriel. The structure, aesthetic and the design are different from the Craze2 rack.


  • I can see the turntable has to be physically located at the center of this dedicated rack. That makes sense. It is very different from Craze2 design.
  • What a cool stuff... just want to ask how come it has two layers, what is the lower layer for?
  • As English teacher commented that this aesthetically modern looking RTS rack by Dynamic Contrast is really one hell of a special rack. There are so much more harmonic decay and subtle spatial cues revealed after the Vekian suite is placed atop. The RTS is considered to be my greatest finds in recent years. When Mr.Zanden visited me awhile ago, he also singled out the magical capability of this rack to drain away mechanical stress is unique.

    We physically/mechanically separate digital source from analog source. We don't want them to share one rack.

    Yes, we are crazy.
  • Out of the box is good. If this orange rack can stay in your room, it automatically speaks for itself.
  • The new rack by SRA is officially called the Scuttle
  • Kondo Ongaku sitting on SRA's cost no object VIRGINIA board. The million buck Continum turntable serves as the analog source of this Kondo based system.
  • Wavac HE833 sitting on Virginia board by SRA. They are classy.
  • Another Scuttle Rack was delivered today
  • No assembly is required. All you need is to insert the spike plates underneath
  • This is a system consisted of Shindo Giscours/Shindo La Fon mono block driving a pair of Cessaro Chopin. The entire system is connected to the Troy. The source is temporarily the Lampizator dac/Macbook.
  • 所有電源線 - "絕對創造". 機主在一星期裡掃了三條二佬以及兩條"大哥添".膽機被埋沒的速度被回服, 節奏拍子不再是被音色帶著走, 音色從而由基理來建立. 這是機主一週追了五條的原因.
  • 我也是在兩週掃了兩條添哥電源, 兩條二哥再加一對訊號線. 回想起幾個月前的"第三舞台"和"加瑪愛利華"真係小兒科, 好似靚仔玩泥沙. 最大問題係冇速度, 分析力極度平面. "歐珍圖"FMR電源雖有立體感, 但同添哥比仍然唔夠快.

    我依家想郁埋條喇叭線. 我現在才明白速度對音樂感的影響.
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