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Wave Kinetics

I tried the new feet on the Tron Syren preamp last night and experienced a rise on the signal to noise platform without any noticeable coloration on any frequency range.

Any guru out there who has tried these feet please share more views.



  • Mr.Marvel, they are great. There are so much to be revealed afterwards. Are you getting the 2NS spk interfacing system?
  • Voy, not yet....are you?
  • Oh yes, freaking good!
  • I put At-ten-u-ate (A10-U8) underneath K10 and Zanden phono....noise due to vibration from all angles, be it from the chasis, airborne or mechanical vibration of the rack...can be detrimental to the details across the whole frequency range.....This feet from Wave Kinetics acts like a water cleanser purifying the water allowing me to see deep in the bottom! It has not sonical characteristics as far as I can experienced, no trimming on any frequency ends, no inflation or deflation on any portion across the spectrum.

    K10 is a very heavy weight beast and its weight distribution is not even, I have to carefully try out different positions for the 3 feet in order to strikc a better balance.

    So far,I have no particular liking on the plastic feet of Zanden and have tried many different feet...the latest being the coral feet which is already very comparison, coral feet put more emphasis on the mid to high making it a bit on the bright side. It would certainly do a good job in terms of system matching but if one is shooting for more neutrality in applying a tweaking, I would recommend Wave Kinetics.

  • Too bad, they are all sold. Out of stock for at least 7 to 8 weeks.
  • Marvel, I like these feet very much. The improvement are non-apparent to begin with and that means cool. All the nitty gritty nuances from the recording will show up somehow later. What is so cool about it is I can feel the presence of "silence" more. The transition from an orchestra's thunderous moment of crescendo to the next tranquility session is... damn it.....I could even feel the air movement settling down after the crescendo. That is cool, real cool.
  • Voy, I agree that the feet can cleanse off the noise very much like the Spartan and character of its own but just increase the S/N ratio...I tried removing them tonight and feel the music was 'framed' in a box with a thin but audible film of mist....
  • Marvel, what is the improvement it brought over to Zanden phono? It is too bad there is no stock for 7 weeks.
  • WaveKinetics is probably one feet that I cannot feel there is improvement in any particular area, it just cleanse away the film of mist between the music and allows me to understand more about noise platform and how it impacts on the clarity and transparency of the music....

  • Jonathan Tinn has really been producing great products with his business partners over the last 5 years. I remember speaking with him before the Playback Designs MP5 came out. He also has worked on the Evolution Acoustic speakers. Has anyone heard his MM3 speakers. MP5 player with DArtzeel electronics?
  • When will stocks land again? I was convinced by the demo.
  • More and more satisfied user of A10-U8 - a rare feet that changes nothing on tonality. Pure reduction of noises.
  • A10-U8 under Kondo Ongaku
  • Another set under Lyra 4.2 phono.

    Thank you for support. All 40 sets completely sold out. Just one last set under the Tidal LPX in our showroom - not for sale!
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