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Kansui by Miyajima Lab

Anyone got this yet? Traveling overseas now and will get it after CNY holiday. The Shilabe is good for the price. Actually, it is rare amongst Japanese cartridges that does the bass right with right pitch and adequate dynamic. Most Japanese cartridges are nice in the mid range/trebel, almost always the case.

The current champion is obviously the Da Vinci Grandezza reference that does everything right. Knowing the musical depth of Miyajima san and his sensible way of pricing his product, he is someone that deserves my respect. Kansui is such a great name.

I was told Mr.Zanden will be the 1st user of this latest flagship. Look forward to your great indepth writeup as usual.

Happy CNY year to everyone!



  • Uncle Ray,

    The Kansui should be something to look forward to. The Shilabe is still mounting nicely on my Bergman turntable. The dynamic of bass complements the airy movement of the Bergman. They are doing great in my office.

    I am a big fan of Mr.Zanden's article because he talk senses and carries the experiences.

  • I am still enjoying the K10. Had anyone set up the Kansui? Any comments?
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