When is Takumi K-10 preamp due?

Any update?


  • I managed to steal the first picture.
  • J told me one unit has been reseved for me with serial number '002' because he happens to know it is my lucky number...how thoughtful he is...sigh....but I have no money for it now due to the recent purchase of Gabriel!!
  • Hello Marvel bro! You must be kidding! I speculate you are listening to K10 with K70 with Da Vinci Gabriel as the source now. So who the hack has already stolen 001?
  • Any initial listening impression report? Marvel bro, can you shed some light?
  • dear all, I really have not got this...I know some may have reached HK and with J. All I know is Robert benchmark this new preamp with the Tron Syren Black label that he heard last time when he visited HK. He uses Tidal CD SE speaker in his lab as told by PT, so this K10 is a MUST buy for me being a Tron and Tidal user...only as a matter of time......again...sigh.....

  • As an owner of an art gallery, I love all kind of arts. I go to live concerts fairly often, maybe once a month. But I am not a technical guy who can articulate well about frequency responses and related room acoustics complexity. I allow some imagination space to develop when I listen. This is the whole point about art. That's why I love Zanden because the flow of music allows my imagination to develop naturally. I can easily feel some degree of "zen" in Yamada san's masterpiece 1200mk3 phono stage.

    I also like Rob's Takumi K-70 (the amplifier) very much. It is a very "fine" amplifier. The communication of emotions and sentimental messages after I connected the amplifier to my speaker can be described as a "transformational" experiences. With the Da Vinci Unison analog rigs feeding the Zanden phono, Brunch's Violin Concerto has never sounds so delicate in my lifetime audio experiences (a humble one, I reckon). The filigree lyrical development amongst fundamental tones and harmonics is touching. Textural color is transparent. It is neither overly rich nor lean. Transients dynamic and details are allowed to develop natural; never being highlighted by a hard ball pen. This is an amp that deserves a much closer understanding when the K-10 preamp is due.

    There was a fight between Takumi and Wavac last year. I read it with some interesting notes dropped down on my notebook. The concern was primarily in the bass area related to the issue of power adequacy. In my setup, 70w from the Takumi driving the Tidal Piano Diacera is resourceful and never runs out of steam even at crescendo. I know there is also a function of the room size, and in my case, it is obviously a small one.

    The Takumi K-70 delivers the finesse of the performer's skills with an incredible natural flow. The power is there when the music calls for it; rather than setting up a sign saying "I am very powerful, come on!".

    For references, I am primarily a classical music lover. Bruch and Mahler are my favorites. I listened to these recordings night after night with new discoveries ever since the K-70 is in control of the amplification part.

    I shall look forward to the K-10.

  • Marvel,

    What is your experience of K70 mating Tidal CD SE?

  • Ray,

    Takumi runs very well with CDSE but certainly this would not have happened without a proper positioning of the speakers by Master Chik. My poor room acoustics and I bet in many other living places, it would be the same problem of reflection, energy drained away into the corridor, etc. The music delivered from CDSE by the Takumi has the kind of 'magnetism' that can easily draw me into the 'mood' the music was originally meant to convey. I listened to Brothers Four last night, a USA LP in very mint conidtion! The rhythm depicted by Takumi and CDSE driven by Tidal Preos had me swinging and dancing involuntarily....it is very engaging and lively without creating any fatigue due to any spikes or blur on certain frequency.

    Takumi has the speed and control creating a clear and transparent tonal picture. I can imagine Syren may do even a better job in the pre amplification stage to create an even better interactions among the musical objects. Are you using Takumi or Impact mono block to drive your Sunray? Have you got the K10 Preamp?

  • Marvel,

    I have not received the K10 yet. Do you?

    The takumi is emotionally engaging because of its ability to reveal tremendous amount of microscopic movement in a continuous manner. I beg the K10 preamp will be extremely fast, resolute in scale and colorful at tone all in one package.

    My amplifier is Impact Stereo and Takumi K-70. I know power mongers will criticize rightly about the inadequency of power for the ultimate performance.

    The mother of all amplifiers, in my humble opinion, regardless of solid state or tube - is the amplifiers by Analog Domain, a pleasant surprise at AE showroom. Even the entry model is sufficed to kill all out there.

  • Ray, I am not waiting for K10, I am indeed waiting for the money to pay for K10!! Analog Domain is like what you said, the mother of all amplifiers and I have heard Jeff telling me their exciting comparison with FM1811, Soulution700, etc...I am sure Mr. Fong in this forum would be very interested to know the results, I am sure at least 1811 has an edge over AD...the price tag against the entry level of AD...performance...hmmm...better not to side track on other products in this forum....

  • Marvel,

    The K70 may not have enough juice to utilize the Sunray to its maximum potential. The tonality, however, is pure and details of microscopic movement are nautrally rendered. That's why I asked you how does it fare in your speakers? With 89db sensitivity of yours, I wonder can you rock your home reasonably loud without losing control?

    Ok..., now where is your K10?
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