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Wavac's New Flagship Preamp: PR-SH1

Where is the Wavac gang? Who have the guts to go for it?


  • I have more interest in Robert's upcoming K-10 preamp.
  • I used to have the Wavac 805Mk2 and the LCX2 phono, it is still in my fond memory on the Wavac's kind of tube seduction. I have not used their pre-amp but have listened to PrT1 in many occasions, musical coherence and transient are top notch but spatial resolution and harmonic details may have some rooms for improvement. This crazy setup would certainly push the envelop on all fronts and I can see much emphasis is on the power cleanliness looking at the several AC2 alike power supplies...would be very exciting to hear it in AE's showroom....

  • I beg PR-T1 may come close to this one after plugging into the Spartan. After-all, isolation transformer technology in cleaning up AC noises is nothing new with well known physical constraints. The goodies may come from the 24k gold circuit board to generate higher density in the mid-range.
  • When Rob's K10 lands, isn't it fun to fight the Wavac guys again? Full suite of Wavac PRE/Power against Rob's K10/K70 on both speakers Cessaro/Tidal?

    I still hold my strong view that you don't need so much power for a horn speaker as they are not designed by nature to be driven by big power. Whether its power is good enough to control the Tidal, I am skeptical because of virtually zero damping factor.

    I am sorry being the asshole again. But the number of amp sold the most as of today in this group is Wavac. It's always fun to pick a fight against the majority!
  • PT, can you ask Robert which spk system he's using as reference in designing his amps.
  • Tidal speakers
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