A high note of Hi Fi research from Hong Kong

I want to have a space that would be dedicated to how Hi Fi listening skill happens and how listening skill can be improved. Hi Fi listening is a very complex process for us, involving many skills: cognitive, affective, acoustic, audio and motion. Why do some people learn more easily than others, or do better with some skills?

Hi Fi research has rarely been the focus of main stream studies, partly because most end users rely on personal subjective experience, not from research and objective side. And when research into musical or sound topics, its easier to study a group of people; Hi Fi listening is usually done privately.

A Hi Fi listening skill Research will be the first big project of Audio Exotics Hong Kong. It is truly interdisciplinary in nature. Each of the 7 research projects now under way involves researchers from more than one discipline, among them music, information and communications technology, engineering, psychology and kinesiology. 5 institutions are involved, including 2 in France. One of my professional good friends Projet d’Artistique Sarah Goettelmann from France will try the Hi Fi Laboratory on September. The lab includes a recording studio equipped with two set of Hi End Systems, an AE’s system and a sophisticated popular brand system. Also, I have sponsored one grand YAMAHA piano with disklavier directly link to the systems and the studio, therefore a Pianist plays and then the
Hi Fi systems play back a replica of the piano music performed by a pianist, including pedal movements.

Audiophiles listening here can no longer argue that the treble is too sweet and base is too dry – next door in the multi-media control centre they can see graphs on a computer screen showing how the sound intensity and tempo compared with the systems or with a normative performance.

With support of the hi-tech equipment, we will find out the reasons which controlling the listening skill and help people to enjoy live music at home. Report with details will be launched later in AE website. Wait and See…..

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