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Argento Hero

I am so far behind all you guys about cables....After having my system from AE, I experience a lot of change in my audio life. But now I have one thing to share....cable!

I know you guys already have many many argento cables, i only start now but the ponit is.....It is just great in my system. It is now very fast and stable than before.


  • The spk cable OMG ! I really like this argento spk cable. Just have an unexpressable feeling about it. The full range of my speaker I can now enjoy.

    I think there is no cable can have a match with this one.
  • Interconnect is my best favour ! I am sorry I am a bit excited but this is my first set of argento.

    If you have so much improvement in you system you will have same reaction.
  • I am not a big tycoon in the AE camp. I need to buy slowly... and start from the begining. I keep thinking, the Organic cable is already so good....what about Argento ?? Because I believe i already have so much fruitful music from the organic, why I need anothe thing?

    But now, my stupid head has been proved to be wrong! Argento is at another level with sgnificant up side point....I am very bad on music explanation but i can feel the speed and angle from the stage is now very clear and precise.

    PT told me just plug need to bother any more. Now I understand.
  • I've just started these journey too. PT (thank you very much!)supplied me with Serenity jumpers to match the Serenity SC. What a dfference it makes to the overall soundstage and detail!

    Wonder what dramatical difference the XLR interconnect will bring....and then there's the Flow series...
  • The Argento journey continues. First Serenity SC, now Flow XLR interconnect. Currently, being tested between pre and power amplifier. Music has more authority and clarity, particularly with vocal music such as 蔡琴,
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