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Happy NEW YEAR 2011 in Da VInci Audio

I am having a very busy business trip in Europe. The most important for AE is the visit in DV simply because so many clients asking me about the new solid state master reference Preamp and Phono.

Well. let tell you that the new master reference is not only a change from tube to a new solid state system but an UPGRADE of the V2.

I will provide my detail report on the flight back HK.


  • Happy new year!

    Can you arrange to ship the phono directly to my home?

    Which one exactly on the picture is the Virtu Master Reference (VMR) phono?
  • Happy new year!

    Please don't jump the queue, ok?

    Are you using Gabriel Mk2? I have no recollection you are using one.
  • The DV new Showroom in the capital city BERN.
  • The very first prototype of Gabrielle. It is now used to do testing and adjusting job for the turntable.
  • When I linked up the cable, I took a good chance to count how many transformer for the Master reference Pre and Pho.

    Be careful, the new techniques that Peter uses to development the transformer are absolutely sophisticated and the sound frequency is so linear. It provides a very stable sound and fantastic positioning of different instruments
  • The crazy NIFTY (Pre+Pho). It is so small but so great preformance it has.

    I have to tell you it is the best solid state combination I have ever heard!!
  • A sudden investigation by me made Peter and Sandro felt odd becasue I discovered the new V2 Equalizer!! My God ! It was on the books.
  • The great DV team 2010 X mas Party.
  • 2011 Count down with Peter and Jolander in the Bern Big Church with a lot of Champagne!!
  • Happy New Year 2011 !!!
  • Switzerland in winter time! Temperture between -19 to -23.......So bloody cold ! But so beautiful country !
  • Master Chik, not only a vinyl and classical music expert, but also a room acoustics master. He helped me to reposition my speaker and put in 2 reflection board on the first reflection point of the speaker relative to my listening position.

    Whilst we had used CD playback as a reference for the tuning, I repeatedly use a lot of the LPs to verify the results afterward. Although room acoustics play a key role in producing a proper soundstaging and focuses of various images and image groups, the FUNDAMENTAL is still the key ingredient. Vekian needs no further elaboration on the CD source front. On the other hand, I wish to share my joy in having Gabriel to produce the ultimate vinyl experience to me in tandem with their tonearm and cartridge, not to mention, the Zanden phono. Jlam went to Switzerland for a more in-depth study on the upcoming DV products, among them, the new DV phono. This will certainly complete the DV vinyl source suite which many current DV user should not miss, myself included.

    Musicality and tonality, to me, are relatively more subjective, we can have endless debates on which system can produce better musicality and tonality than the others. However, the presence of the details related to a keynote, a movement of the bow, a movement of the musical instrument or a movement of the performance is something which can easily tell the resolution, stability and quietness of the specific gear concerned. To me, not much of a debate. With the DV combo and notably the Gabriel in replacement of the InUnison a few weeks ago, it is unquestionably a world class vinyl source to me. Whether I can unleash its potential is up to my musical knowledge and persistence to strive for excellence. At least this leaves me with no excuse on the tools that I have got.

    My salute to Da Vinci, especially Peter on his marvelous invention and really looking forward to their upcoming phono...

  • It is my wish to upgrade my Unison to Gabriel this year but the swiss franc is extremely expensive now. Sometimes, the longer one delays, the higher the price. It pays to be a deterministic person.

    Give the global reputation of DV in the field of analog, the new master virtu phono must be a no brainer.
  • At a price tag of a Gabriel or even higher, I need to sell my car if I have to buy it....
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