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New Tidal Piano Cera

Hi Guys,
I have just had delivery of my African Pyramided Mahogany Piano Ceras. I am absolutely thrilled with them. The finish is exceptional.
My wife, who has always complained over the years, (calling previous speakers to grace our room, "big boxes") has at last given her highest and finest approval to these gorgeous speakers. They look magnificent on our high gloss solid cherry wood floor. What a fine pieces of furniture!
I am presently using a pair of Unison Research Smart 845 SET amplifiers and I was a little worried that they would not have enough power to drive the Piano Ceras. All worries have been alleviated. These amplifiers run these speakers very well, very well indeed. Listening to Sean Mullins, "Sunday Mornin'Comin'Down" sounds so lifelike as though he is in the room standing right there in front of me. I have just finished listening to the CD of Katie Melua's "Collection" and just realized that I have listened to the complete CD from start to finish; something I never do! Splendid clarity and separation.
I agree with everything that Mr John Potis of 6 Moons has said in his accurate and detailed review of the Pianos'.
Jorn at Tidal audio has been an absolute gentleman to deal with. He is informative and efficient and I wish him every possible success in the future.
Another very satisfied customer!!


  • Glad to know you are a happy man. All tidal speakers are very well balanced. What is your preamp and source?
  • I am using the PS Audio Perfectwave Transport and DAC.
    Recently I transferred my complete CD collection onto my Applemac Pro in Apple lossless format. I am using the Apple ipad as the controller for my music collection/library on the computer.
    I suspect there are a few of you out there who will think this goes against conventional audiophile wisdom; but don't knock it until you have tried it!
    I cannot tell the difference from CD playback v's music played via Apple Lossless through the Perfectwave DAC.
    Log onto PS Audio's website and read Paul McGowan's monthly newsletters on how all of this works. It is so easy to make a "play list". It really is very convenient; no more rummaging for those plastic boxes!
    What I am really looking forward to doing is downloading some of those studio master quality recordings from the Linn website and playing these through the system. You may ask now..what am I waiting for? Well, I have to admit I am not the greatest with computers. I am waiting for my friend, Ger, who is an Apple expert to call and show me how it is done. Unfortunately for me, he cannot get near me in the heavy snow presently. I will keep you posted.
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