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What the freak am I doing again?

When they arrived, ah Chung asked me: "Is there something wrong with this shipment? Why there is no platform at all?"


  • Building an orange foundation.
  • Loading the Tron Syren and Telstar 211 onto it.
  • Leveling the Zanden dac - it seems it is hanging in the air but it is not.
  • It took us about two hours to reach the top shelf where the Zanden 2000p sits.
  • Another stuff?
  • The design is cool. What does it do to the sound?
  • Out of the box design is my favorite. What kind of theory behind the design?
  • 你地是不會相信放了器材上去這個奇異支架上的進步, 而我語言能力亦有限.最好是親自感受; 亦最好不要問和X同Y點比較. 但你們有可能回家開唔到機, 尤其是共同用Zanden2000p/5000s的朋友.
  • 好少見你信心十足. 它是什麼名堂?
  • Dear Yamada,

    It is very very important to let you know. If you want to listen to the maximum performance of your Zanden system. Please come. No Doubt, it will be a new experience even for you--the inventor of Zanden. This orange thing is monster!!

    I am sure!
  • It seems you have successfully aroused my curiosity.
  • Though a client of AE for many years, Wednesday was my very first visit to the new show room. I have to say the expereince was mind-boggling, much better than my own setup even though the components are essentially the same. My listening area is also much bigger than there.

    The disappearing act is ghostly in a way that does not preclude naturalness. The soft side of the music in most system tends to be either hardened/sharpened or tendered/smoothed; not in this system. The balance of transiets and tonality is subjectively perceived by me to be very well controled. Otherwise, the palpability and the physical presence of the piano cannot be that realistc and holistic. The relationship between the main subject and the supporting subjects is defined by a conversational communication more than spatial definition though the latter is done properly too. That was evident in a Flute chamber music played by Accardo, Rostropovich, and names I have forgotten. The smootheness of the delivery carries scent of vinyl. It is neither vinyl nor CD. I guess the HDMI cable makes a huge difference too.

    Last but not least is the natural recoil of the bass notes. The quality is not just definition of the bass lines but the energy propagation of it without crowding up everything on top.

    The stuff was used at the right spot - preamp. I can see the stuff is chairing the whole show as far as in the kingdom of accessories.

    Well done, good job.
  • Jeff, what do you think of this orange rack? Did you listen to the Beta?
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