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A pleasant surprise from an integrated amplifier

This integrated amplifier with an electro-mechanical look gave me a big surprise in the past two days. It is hand picked by J.Lam.


  • I did not expect so much "substance" and "depth" coming out from such small amplifier (around 31 pounds). The surprise factors come mainly from two areas: (1) Control (2) Energy.
  • It is solidly built with excellent metalworks. The built quality of the remote control is matched equally to the outstanding aesthetics.
  • 又幾撚型下
  • From their website:

    Their CD is even more sexy !! Wonder when we can hear it.
  • 沙田線啞陳經我介紹下, 聽完部Gato合拼機推自已對GATO FM-6喇叭, 不能自拔, 結果即貴豐部合拼立即放比二手佬. 現在老婆冇咋型, 因為套器材好整齊, 而且聲音比以前更柔順丙耐聽, 但又好撚夠力.
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