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Da Vinci Unison/ Full Suite Zanden

真想不到我對蘋果樹Eufro在植生鋪內表現大幅拋離我家. 達文西一套落Zanden mk3 phono, Zanden 3000前和非常靚仔的9500功放把訊源強勁質感再灌上華麗自然的音色經Eufro能播出絲絲入扣的意境. 昨天植生只是"求其"setup而已.


  • 對喇叭連腳到未按裝
  • The new flagship DX65 driver by Lowther (The previous flagship was invented more than 15 years ago). I am curious to learn how it perform. We shall install it soon. But according to preliminary reports from other parts of the world, the improvement is phenomenal.
  • I am eager to know what do you think of the DX65.
  • Will the new DX 65 work in the Aristoteles?
  • No. Also too expensive for the Aristoteles
  • Two masters will install the DX65 and the new tweeter today. I shall report back upon hearing from them.

    Mr.DV, if you are free in the noon, can you please go to Mr.Chik's place and listen to a completely new speaker after the installation of new flagship drivers. Then call me in the afternoon.
  • Beside d room acoustic matter, I felt d music sound good to me, I found more weight and texture in 1st impression. Actually, I ve no idea what exactly different with previous driver(I never be a user). 發哥 wait for your comment, u should know very well on your ex-wife!
  • Can you elaborate more? I am about to install the DX65 for the Horning Algame. I am sure you listened to the Eufrodite many times before. How does the DX65 improve the original speaker?
  • The first "affordable" phono/preamp from Da Vinci called the NIFTY
  • Sorry to keep DV fans waiting so long. What I can satisfy you for the time being is the first picture of the solidly milled alu chassis of the Master Virtu reference series. Because all parts are custom made to extremely strict specifications, the delivery is now postponed to March. Peter guranatee an unique emotional experience that can only be found in concert hall.
  • Another shot using the internal configuration
  • All DV turntable users are waiting anxiously. Mr.DV, particularly, is very eager for the new Master Virtu Reference Linestage which will arrive together with the phono.
  • Wow! it might heavier than AAS Gabriel if all transformers include. Is there a seperate power supply on this machine, some things like Majestic power supply? What Peter gonna to do on power supply? Can share more info?
  • Yes there is a separate power supply. The technology is completely new that is way ahead of all Peter's previous works
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