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Ya! I success to connect the CC1 by BNC for d clock in & out. The improvement is quite significant, even I only test less than 3 mins. Lets ve tea somedays in this week.

Who else is using Grimm clock here?


  • It's a good add on with significant improvement. I am still using it in between the Zanden 2000p and the Vekian dac. When the Vekian CDT arrive, it will retire because the master clock quality of the Vekian CDT produces the most transparent sound I have ever come across.
  • it is good if d internal master clock is better. d external is very trouble.

    seems every one go on it, i will go ask the price and listen to it...
  • wow. I think the Grimm is the most sensetive electric stuff which i had used. it is too picky on where i place it and PC.

    Does it need spike or some things if place on top of SRA rack?
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