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top pre amp

I wonder if people here try to do head to head listening between Zanden 3000 and the wavac preamp?
If yes, what was the impression?


  • I like Zanden 3000Mk2 more than the Pr-T1 preamp purely from a preamp to preamp point of view. At this level, I think amp matching is crucial and one has to take this into account.
  • Personally, I feel the Zanden has more musical depth. The Wavac champions on usual Hi Fi attributes. At first shot, anyone will probably feel Wavac is more dynamic. It is expressive, passionate and wild. It is a matter of personal choice. But I feel Zanden portraits music in a more genuine manner.
  • I fully understand the needs for synergy with the amp
    But I cannot buy them both and try

    I have low watt SET amp
  • What is your current amp? What is your speaker?
  • Very high efficiency horns speaker
    Bi amp (Gainclone to the bass) and low watt SET around 45 tube
    Today the pre is Audion Quattro which is great
    I thought to have another pre amp so I could use the Audion in my second audio system
    as well
  • What is your music preference?
  • Mostly Jazz music (60%)and Classical

    but also Neil Young, Bob Dylan,and other rock from the 60-70 early 80
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