• 已經一早用咗訊號線
  • 依家用埋POWER, 我套DV程現強勁狀況。
  • 眾所周知, DV以玩牛而響晒朵, 各個頻段的層次感, 樂器質感以及最重要的音樂感都非常優秀。雖然係咁, 但係世界各地既DV用家都一定會預到一個問題, 就係cable既配合。呢隻Organic以銅為主要物料, 一駁咗落DV......嘩, D力返晒嚟, 又清, Dynamic又強,結他線粗幼明細分佈, 分得出係6個音組成既FULL Bar Chord, 定係3個音組成既Open CHORD. 小提琴Double Lead既木聲冧到暈!

    我之前都係用Peter那些雞線,雖然都係銅,但原來重蒙過蒙牛,而且呢個系列好平,亦不限於DV至勁, 昨日我乸住幾條去樓下揾"Mr. Audio碌" 切初兩野, 點知碌生而家先知自己套"揸廸屎"可以由好鬼難聽變成OK難聽, 進步咗好多。而果堆Audio碌...........有D重成兩三萬,我果條Organic幾千塊錢,你地自己問吓啦。

    Mr. DV, 我地可能係時侯挑機喇。
  • 今日採取了Mr. PT的意見,再將active crossover的power cable轉為Organic power,好多謝PT的意見, 低音現在真係相當利害。

    PT 解釋了Intonation的單元特性, 優點與缺點,單是將Organic插在Power amp是不足以有魚蛋一般的彈牙Dynamic,但一加了在active CO, 中低不單立刻昇呢,而且DV的特強質感再次突破上一層樓。唔知點形容好,就好似Violin支撐琴弦的琴橋放回正確位置一樣。如果我的Speaker是Virtu的話......貝多芬顯靈吧!喜歡牛機以及DV用家一試無妨。

    Mr DV, PT告知我你家中會有AE Showroom式HIFI房.....你又把我拋離了.......
  • 早餐兄, 你係唔係用全套"有機綫"? 係電源好夾Wavac, 有力清爽有質感. 週未親耳聽過用了在對805之後的情景.
  • The new 珊瑚架 from Audio Exotics !!
  • SOund much much much much more stable. ANd i know now why high skill audiophiles alway tell me don't use Glass rack. 毛燥雜音, 雜震聲, really kill your system.

    Now I am very know clear about the concept and the sound.
  • Argento party. I still like very much the Organic copper cable in my system. Dynamic and resolution super.
  • I feel touch every time i saw Grandezza.
  • Mr. DV, don't say that. Your V2 system is God Level. My intonation still have upper range problem. But the Organic cable help me to improve a lot on the sound. I actually follow your recommeanded CD, they are all good recording and nice sound. ! Thank you.

    Any Guitar CD in your mind?
  • I ve no idea on Guitar. If you ve recommend on electric guitar, pls let me know, I will be interest on it.

    By the way, the electronic from DV are in d best class. I found most problem is cause by d room, did you do any room acoustic in your room? Mine is almost nothing and getting worst after add an piano, so the sound limit by the room problem.
  • I got a lot Band sound CD but I don't know if u like such noise music?? I also have no treatment for my little living room. I just put some Glass stickers on window, you know the round one from AE?

    When I listen to music I need to close all the doors. Yes, the DV system power and direction are unique, so i think we need to do something for the room acoustic.

    Mr. DV, do you toe in your speaker? when I toe in a little bit I can feel more body of the instruments, but get more background noise. Do u have same experience?
  • My speaker is in Big X toe-in now. Vinyl never boom at any volume. But CD has some problem, i need to compromise or listen with some boom if choose better cdp. The room always respond.
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