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Tron 7 Ref

Marvel and Raymond, have you rec'd the Tron pre yet, I've got it yesterday, I'm now listening to it with joy.


  • peter, are you talking about the Syren? I have not...has it got an outboard power supply which is different from its previous version? How does it compare to all other crazy preamps that you have used?
  • You must be referring to the Syren Reference. The 7 is a much lower model. JOY is a strong word. We all know it is a great pre, as good as my Tidal Preos; though I subjective feel Preos has almost zero distortion at ALL volume.
  • The idea of outboard power supply is finally given up. No big deal as it probably best all other living tube preamps. Didnt you guys know Dickson brought the Kondo M1000 to compare with the syren in PT Cessaro system? Why a one box design has even quieter background than the sacred M1000? Why the M1000 has no edge on trnsients response than the syren? The ironic part was the session was conducted in a blind test with his friends. There was no abab comparison but they did not know which preamp was hooked up when they came in. They were very sure it was the M1000 driving the Takumi. They were wrong after the truth was revealed. Wing Fai was there too.
  • Oh yes, I'm referring to the Syren, don't know Tron has different preamp series. Sure Kondo has no attack in my system too, but it has a lot using their own spk system I heard in Mr Kondo's place several years back.
  • Marvel, the Syren is still in the burning state, one complain about the flimsy rubber feet that could blur the transient.
  • Peter,
    I tried many other tweaking feet on the Syren before and eventually gave up on to the original feet. The designer has taken every factor into consideration so the evaluation was made with the rubber feet thus it is the best balance that the designer believe, similar to Zanden and similar to Vekian...I hate the rubber feet but again have to give up on my 'visual perception' but to believe on the judgement of my ears.
  • Marvel, I tend to agree, but will try other feet later. By the way, what brand of 5687 came with your Syren, mine is 1978 Raytheon.
  • hello guys, after the arrival of takumi, I am thinking of changing preamp too. How do yiou guys compare Tidal Preos/Tron Syren with Wavac PRT1?
  • Wchow, I haven't had the chance to use a Tidal pre in my system. The Tron is a different creature from Tidal, the sound is heavier, more tube like.
  • do you think either the Tidal Preos and syren is better than wavac pr-t1? I would like to listen to your frank opinion.
  • wchow,2 years ago,after hearing the Tidal Preso in PT's place, I nearly bought one. Its that I have placed an order for the Alpfa 1 and and pair of EE spk cables, I can take them all in one shot.
  • sorry wrong button, continue here, I have heard the Wavac several times, it's not the same league as the other two, if I were to buy another preamp, the Tidal top model may be my choice though I have not yet heard it, only the Preso has already impressed me.
  • Peter, I am a big fan of tron. How do you like the phono section of the syren?
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