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Switzerland Trip 2010 July

Mr. PT.......Who the hell booked me the ticket?? I thounght I was in god....hahaha...


  • Day 1: Just arrived Peter's new house. I have to listen to the new Flat Black (Marvel's GTR 35 Colour)new version DV system.
  • Day 1: Take a closer look.
  • Day 1: Very happy to see Peter got his good health back. !!
  • Day 1: MY GOD !!!!! a Shoe Box Pre-Amp !!!!!!
  • Day 1: The world famous Virtu system + Gabriel....and a great classic piano....what do you think I would like to do?? Echo Pedal, hammer on string, string vibration in different range and keys....greta virtu system replay in very very similar level.

    By the way, this old piano only have 85 keys (seven octaves from A0 to A7)
  • Send my regards to Peter. His Gabriel turntable is really best amongst the best.
  • Peter, good to know your are now healthy again! The Gabriel turntable, arm and the latest cartridge will serve me till the end, I am sure.
  • Day 2: Happy Peter and Jolanda is back ! Yes. He is now very happy man again.
  • Day 2: 5 Hours listening to the virtu system. I understand more about this system and the true meaning of Music performance.

    I believe attention on the techniques and the accuracy is a true direction but the reason that made the composers to use that techniques and tempo in a particular section is the main question in my mind for these few days. To reborn the techniques is the first requirement of a good system. However, the emotion which released via on that techniques is the foremost be con't
  • Peter, you look great and Happy!!!
  • Dear Peter,

    Greetings from HK, wish you good health! I hope by now, Jlam has told you that I have decided to go for the Gabriel after hearing the system running in their new showroom. I listened to Gabriel in MrDV's full DV system once and at that time, it was already very seductive but I cannot attribute if it is the magic of Gabriel or it is the whole system's synergistic effect.

    Now, the Gabriel is singing with Zanden phono and Tidal suite resembling much of my current system with only the Gabriel replaced by my Unison. So I have a much better idea on the jump I should anticipate going from Unison to Gabriel.

    I am sure this will be the ultimate and therefore my last turntable to keep on producing the lovely vinyl music for the rest of my audiophile journey. This also carries the endorsement of Jlam and PT. May I ask a small favour? Can you please add a small crafting on the turntable to signify this is the Gabriel for 'Marvel'? I simply want it to be a permanent piece in my system!

    Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you again!

  • Day : 4

    Thales Lab !!
  • Very tidy set up.
  • The Tree Kings: Thales, Thales 2.0 & Simplicity
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