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Slowly, Step by Step……to the new phase Audio Exotics 2.0

Audio Exotics is not merely a hi-end audio business. It is an idea, and the idea is very simple. Audio Exotics is that the best way to understand the emergence of new audio products trend, the transformation of historic music performance into 21 century indoor musicality, or the rise of using hybrid products, or the phenomenon of the conventional audiophiles interpretations which are significant or distorted, or any other mysterious changes that mark everyday audio life to be exotic.

One took out an advertisement and told people that using Audio exotics products were cool and they should start using them. It is unusual. People keep saying AE has no showroom, AE is distrust or our own squad clients who got the best discount, free services and very very convenient payment method slandered me and PT to trick them. It is usual. We keep quiet and we listen. Our business occurs in contagious behavioral form. Slowly and step by step, our fundamental and honesty are washing away those partial arraignments.

Audio Exotics showroom will lead us all to a new phase of music enjoyment. Determination and courage are the sources of power which drive me and PT to this new phase. We have spent all our monetary resources on research and prototypes instead of luxury sport cars, although we really want some. What we have earned are all in our warehouse – those second hand products. They are profit of AE. Slowly and step by step, we save our money and reputation in order to construct AE showroom.

This is a big day for us all. This is a new performing stage for all of the exotics products. We need to prepare ourselves for the possibility that sometimes big changes follow from small events, and that sometimes these changes can happen very quickly. PT always asks me how good is it? What do you feel about the sound of it? Do you think this is better than that? These questions have become more and more difficult for me simply because we have already breakthrough the level of normal audiophiles’ experience.

We were all, at heart, gradualists, our expectations set by the steady passage of time. But the idea of Audio Exotics is a place where the unexpected become expected, where radical change is more than possibility. It is – contrary to all our expectations – a certainty. Magic moment! We all love it. So, Audio Exotics wholeheartedly thanks for all the magicians who have made so many surprises for us all. And you are the one making the dream happens!! Thank you!


  • What an attitude! I like it. I didn't send flowers. I wanted to do something unusal. Had you received "it" on time?
  • Thank you Voy !!
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