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TIDAL Wave hits Singapore!

Somehow the posts from this morning seem to be lost, so I've been requested to repost my photos. The Tidal Impact arrived last night in 2 very heavy flight cases. Spent most of the night setting it up. Had some slight hiccups that P.T. solved after a few 1am calls...


  • This morning they were purring!
  • The build quality is impeccable, and it looks beautiful
  • I'm going to spend the rest of the week evaluating the sound, but somehow I instantly noticed that the Wavac PR-T1 and the Tidal Impact Monoblocs are not meant to be mated.

    More in a week....
  • Katongkid

    Get a suite! We will soon be able to form a Tidal Union. Marvel has just joined the club.

    The mis-mating that you are referring to is due to the inadequate control of the preamp in partnership with a very controlled power amp.

    Good ear!
  • Raymond,
    Yes, you are right. I suppose if I had gone the Wavac 833 route (which I was of course seriously considering), I would have never noticed what you mentioned about the PR-T1.
    And yes, I have already inquired with P.T. about the Preos!
  • Wow, the Tidal gangs are growing fast. Just want to say some fair comments to a complete suite of Wavac PR-T1 and 833, of which I am still using now, though I have been mainly listening to Takumi K70 lately. A complete wavac suite is explosive, passionate and energized. At big symphonic scores, I had no feeling of inadequate control.

    I only noticed inadequate control on mostly micro dynamic such as the control of a bow (cello, violin, viola, piano etc). It is not fine enough to distinguish minute energy variations. I knew it only when I switched to Takumi.

    But for big band jazz, symphony, and almost all opera recordings, the wavac suite absolutely has great control with tremendous power that creates a very strong presence.

    I have never listened to the Tidal as PT only showed me the Cessaro. I'd love to audition the Sunray.
  • The Preos will complete the missing puzzle. Remember to run the Preos and Tidal mono amp in full balanced operation. The Tidal amp is exquisitely engineered. It can drive the Sunray in a very relaxed way. You don't need to change amp at all should you upgrade to the top.
  • 2 towers of speaker lying on the lift lobby waiting for their new home
  • My dearest Cessaro will stay in the warehouse for a while..see you...
  • Setting up the right channel
  • Another exotic product from AE: Critical Mass System. Following Shanghai Bigpiece, I have ordered a 2-shelf rack for the Tidal suite...Bigpiece pioneered the rack in the AE community and I wonder why he was so busy not to report it here....

    Being a heavy user of SRA, this CMS really introduces a new school of thoughts. I have listened it once in PT's Tidal suite, he uses CMS for his Impact as well. Both SRA and CMS are top notch isolation system but they employ totally different and quite contrary design principles. SRA is tailor made for the specific gear taking account the specific frequency response/resonation of the gear and neutralising them. CMS is more generic (like Craze Rack)...

    First impression: extremely quiet, clean, not trimming the harmonic details...more to come..just the first 2 hours...PT said the rack needs 300hrs to settle it...really crazy and serious stuff....

  • Marvel大大,

    尖銳質量系统和寧靜跑步是同班數的東西, 難分高下, 你同意嗎?
  • I have my CMS rack installed for 2.5 weeks. The upgrade from my "crappy" wooden rack was stunning. Though I am not a user of Craz rack, I still use a number of SRA for those critical items like Takumi. I would agree they are on the same league. It has more general application and could save a bit more for future component upgrade. I am still waiting for the 300 hours milestone but the reproduction of live recordings with CMS in my system is stunning. I really like it.
  • Bro Fat,

    It is of course early stage to draw any conclusion between CMS an SRA especially it is the most difficult component of a system for me to conduct a ABAB comparison.

    In hindsight, if AE were to find this CMS first and we all have extensively been using it for several years until SRA came into the picture, I bet we all would equally be stunned by the performance of SRA. At this moment, all I can say is do NOT get a wrong impression on the CMS with a strongly built and sturdy outlook that it would sound harsh and overdamped...the rack is made of metal but shelf seems not..I have yet figured out what they are but the overall tonal balance does not give me any slight feeling that it is tilt to the bass or the treble or does it create any harshness on the treble or tightness on the bass.

    All I can be sure after the first day of encounter is that its bass is jumpy and dynamic. It enables the bass to deep dive quickly without any sluggishness. Treble, not yet tested seriously though. May be Bigpiece can share more....

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