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Tidal contriva diacera

Good morning guys, I am writing from Naples.
I wanted to know if my current audio amplifier Vitus SS101 is capable of driving properly

PS sorry for my English.


  • HI,

    I tried to recall a listening experience in an audiophile's place who is also a fellow member of this forum. He used to have a Vitus monoblocks driving the Tidal Piano Diacera. I was there when he first connected the speaker. Tidal speakers, like any conventional speakers, are not difficult to match with solid state amplifiers. It is only a matter of the resulting quality of the music produced. In terms of all the hi-fi elements an evaluation could possibly come out from an audition, I would say Vitus matches well with Tidal speakers and I believe it applies to many other top notch brands of amplifiers as well. For ultimate experience, it is obvious to say using their matching amp and preamp which I am about to experience in a week's time.

    Will certainly share more but you really open up a new thread for me to share more soon....thanks.

  • Ciro,

    Just one point to add is whilst you may think Vitus is already very transparent and fast in transient, Tidal Preos+Impact take you to another league up. Don't underestimate the synergy of a whole suite of amplification+speaker. I later heard the same system with the Vitus mono replaced by the Impact Stereo, they are really a natural couple with a perfectly matching damping factor, impedance thus creating an extremely coherent, rhythmic musical flow.

    What preamp are you using by the way?
  • first of all thanks for your answers.
    At this moment I do not use as integrated Vitus SS101
    But these days I should get tested Vitus SL101.
  • It is like I do not understand English, the translation is on google I can not tell if Vitus might go well with the tidal me explain it better.

    ps today I'm going to listen to The Prince V2 Hansen, who has heard of you?
    And with the differences found contrivas?
  • I have listened to the Hansen and found the Tidal to be clearly better in every single musical aspect!

    Yes, Vitus should be a good match for the Contrivas, I think in the Axpona show they were using Vitus with Tidal. Also a friend of mine from Holland has a complete Vitus setup with the Sunray!

    So you should be ok!

    Happy Listening,

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