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Looking for brother Charles - about Algame


Where have you been? I thought you have left this family. I was told you are not satisfied with the trebel quality of the Algame. Are you driving it with the Wavac 833?

I am driving mine with Tommy's latest integrated amplifier SATI Ultimate. I was so impressed by the top to bottom linearity of this amp. The trebel quality is full of details. Attack is super fast. The 3D imaging is almost no different than a real person sitting in front of me singing, playing guitar and piano.

And this amp is not costly. You can throw away the Wavac pre and power after testing this integrated amp. Yes, you heard me right. I am sure. This is just an integrated amp. For God's sake, you got to at least try one with the Algame.

Don't fooled by "power". The big boys aim for control. Got it?


  • Don't hammer 833 too much. This is my longest serving amp until the new version of Takumi arrived. I am speaking from the perspective of a 833 user: the trebel is the weakest link of the 833 tube - and that's a fact because the immediate swap to Takumi just prove this point factually and trutufully. The 833 has a fatter than normal bottom end - also proven by measurement done by stereophile in the US. That's an amp that you really have to find the right speaker to make it sing properly. With a energy/tonal balance tilted to the bottom end, the 833 always render a feeling of strength. But 833 is weak on speed, the attack is not fast enough due to the coloration at the lower register. This amp can never play piano properly. Violin may sound sometimes like viola, and the size of the Cello is bigger than usual.

    But all this is relative. We are speaking from a very very high end perspective taken into the account of the vast experiences of users here. AE sold more than 10 pairs of HE833v1.3 and it is never my intention to step on the success. We believe we are a very good educated gruop for open debate and discussion.

    Charles, if I were you, I will definitely given the new Horning amp a try as I understand the Algame is designed with this amp as the reference. The bottomline is it is not costly at all.
  • Hey Charles, where are you? What are you waiting for? It's time for a change, man! That's the time for the Algame duo to show some serious audio action to the German gangs! The 833 deprives the Algame's trebel capability of revealing natural details and timbre information. That's why you are skeptical of the Troy because the 833 darkens the details to a large extent.

    Come on! I smell Uncle Ray will soon appear to lecture us.
  • Charles,

    They are right.


    PS: No need to lecture anyone. You guys are absolutely correct on the description of the 833.
  • Hi Roy
    I am thinking which way to go.

  • Charles, I suggest you go for the Horning amp to match with are unique in our community using Algame and I have heard its wonderful bass performance...treble should/can go better if you try match it with some other amp/preamp...good luck and look forward to another listening session in your place...long time...
  • Charles, all Horning speakers are designed to sing classical music, operas and the like, being a former Eufro owner, I can confirm that.And nearly all Horning spks use Lowther units in the mid, that means lower power is its joy, whether you can control the bass of the Algame, the quality of the preamp is the key.
  • Bro Charles, you don't seem trust us. I am disappointed.
  • VR - don't be pushy. Why don't you tell us how does the Horning amp perform in your system?
  • Voy, give him some time to think about it. Can you describe the bass performance of the SATI amp?
  • The bass is PITCH PERFECT. But I can't help if brother Charles like serious coloration in the bass which he may like very much. I hope he can be saved from Asian coloration and refocus on speed, pace, and pitching. You should ask him how many piano recordings can be played for a complete track? Let's say if he never listens to piano; then ask him to play cello and double bass. Size of the cello probably inflated to the size of double bass.

    And if recordings such as Mahler is used as a reference, the kind of explosion that he might be loving so much is lacking control in reality. Focus on the tonality of the horn and the mass string section, I seriously doubt there is any resolution there.

    Sorry for my frankness.
  • Very strong words. How do you know if you have never listened to his system before?
  • Peter Tsang - can you describe in your experience the nature of the 833 tubes?
  • Charles先生, 可拜會府上嗎? 順道交流一下音響心得。
  • Voy, I only heard the 833 3 times, from what I heard it has beautiful tone color from mid and upwards. Its tilted towards the lower end which makes everything in this region too heavy, I guess its some kind of distortion which caues fitigue upon longer time listening.
  • Something to add: the 833 tube is spk specific, its definitely not a good match with the Hornings, the anomaly of this tube may lessen if the right spk is used.
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