Installation of Cessaro Beta 0.5 for Mr.Zanden

Our good friend - Ralph returns to HK again


  • Immediately started working at 1130am on Friday
  • The side panel of the subwoofer matches well with the main speakers after careful selection of wood veneer by Ralph in Germany
  • Working very smoothly on Friday....
  • Mounting of the mid range horn
  • The big picture at 1:30pm
  • The subwoofers were done.
  • We were almost done at 8pm after almost working non-stop for 10 hours ever since Ralph landed HK.
  • Wow! Another mega horn system. If I have the space, I hope I can join the Cessaro gang one day. It is unlike any other horn that are usually distorted in the mid range, sound from the Alpha One is very very refined and transparent. The addition of the sub really completes the lower register. It was quite an experience listening to this system in PT's place about a month ago.
  • This is an impressive system given my recent experiences at PT's home - absolutely mind boggling. Not many could reach this level. Notwithstanding the space and money, the techniques and patience are demanding at this level to make it sing.

    To be frank, I have slowly changed from an "Anti Horn" figure to a "secret admirer" of this masculine looking creature.
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