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My Takumi by Robert Koda

My 3-chasis Takumi was finally delivered yesterday afternoon. According to PT, except 1 set, the remaining 11 sets of the first 12 sets of Takumi in the world have been sold to AE's customers! Mine is Serial 007 and Bigpiece in Shanghai will get 008.

A totally enhanced version inside and out compared to the one that PT has got! I asked in the midst of connecting up the Takumi if PT would send his one back to Robert to take it to the current level, PT said he has already ordered another set for using on his Tidal suite.

My track record of installing new gear was pretty hectic, either the voltage is not right or the fuse was burnt or whatever...the installation of Takumi was rather uneventful and took only 30mins.

Listening for a few hours now....I invited my wife and son to join in the audition after dinner. We listened to a few CD tracks and a few LPs by Cantonese pop singers. It has been a long time since my wife can quietly stay in listening to my system for such a long time without going in and out picking things and doing others....I think last time was the installation of Vekian.

We both agree that the vocals are live like with much naturalness. The contraction and release of the muscle in the voice/respirtory system in a human can create a sudden 'brake' or an elongated vocal 'tail', the former would require a very good breathing control while the latter would need a resourceful and sometimes reinforcement of the energy from the human body itself. This is the skills and touchings known to me and were somehow buried or blurred to different extent in the past . In Takumi, all these can be heard, can be felt and even be seen as the transparency and darkness in the background are really unprecedented in my system! Of course I am yet to have Troy and I know how it would take me to the next level with the 2 tools: Tripoint and Spartan.

Takumi can really do a great job in balancing the control and easiness of the sound it produces across the entire frequency range, pairing with Tidal Preos, this power amp is performing really like a flagship US air fighter punching down, surging up with extreme control but effortless!! It mates with Cessaro fantastically well which is the same listening experience that I have heard in PT's place few weeks ago!

I will post some pictures.



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