New Tidal Piano Cera

Hi all,

my first post here ...
I've ended up in this forum by searching infos on the Tidal speakers ... I see there are many happy owners here.
I'm looking for a new pair of speakers to complete my system and Tidal are in my shortlist ...

I've noticed the last months a new version of the Piano has been presented with Accuton ceramic drivers. I've listened in the past the Piano with Seas/Scan Speak drivers and it was a very nice listening ... I wonder if this one got even better.

Is the new model already available around the world for listening ? Any idea what the approx. price is going to be ?




    Oops, I messed up with the link, let me retry ..
  • The Piano Cera will only arrive Hong Kong later in the 2nd quarter of this year.
  • Hello Piano Tuner,

    thanks, I'm looking forward to hear news about the Cera later this year.
  • Hi all,

    This is my first post here. I am recently interested in the speakers of Tidal Audio especially the Piano and Piano Cera.

    Is there any owner of Piano and Piano Cera can share your comments and experience of these two speakers.

  • Keith, you can go and buy it blind. All Tidal speakers are very coherent as though you are not listening to a pair of speakers. They do it from even at the entry model all the way to the top cost no object - Sunray.
  • I went to the hi-fi show yesterday,looking at the price-tags of those commercial giant spks and their respective performance, I can only say I'm proud of being an AE fan. By the way, any serious hi-fi people should go to the AE showroom to hear the Tidal.
  • Hi Keith,

    I own the Piano's and have been extremely pleased with it's performance. What it does, it does well: neutral, resolving, disappear with proper setup and very telling of equipment and equip. mismatches, and source material. Yes, I would've loved the Diaceras, and a more full range speaker, but money limited me to the Piano. Nevertheless, I've been happy with my choice. It's allowed me to see my system deficiencies to a flaw ;) Properly integrated with stereo subs, the Piano's are fantastic. Without the subs, they are still great, just missing the lower octaves. I listen to jazz, world, female and male vocalists, and some rock, and techno for fun.

    Good Luck in your journey,
  • Thanks bros,

    Can any brothers share the difference between Piano and Piano Cera?
  • Keith, had you already visited the Tidal system?
  • Hi Raymond,

    I once visited the Tidal system. It's really a supreme system. I think I'll be an owner of Piano Cera in near future.
  • Keith,

    Owning a pair of Tidal speakers will get you on the right path right at the beginning of any audio journey because it is the most tonally correct and most coherent speakers ever made. There are not too many, actually NONE that I know, has such coherence from top to bottom.

  • Keith, whoever you are, I will join you soon. Your speakers will arrive much earlier than mine.
  • Hi Voy, I think my piano cera is still being manufactured in German. It should be arrived at my home next month.
  • Just received a good news. My piano cera will be shipped this week. Yeah!!!
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