最近購買了MD-805 請問T1和 ARCSP11 MK2 的分別,ARC以已用東京光音volume 制 MIT 電阻.


  • Mr.Wong,

    Welcome to the Wavac territory. The PR-T1 is much much more advanced than the preamp that you mention. It is too simple to compare the component. The circuitry is much more important. If the circuitry is not right, components do not improve sound quality. Also, we do not listen to any particular component. We listen to music.

    The PR-T1 houses a very simple circuitry using a pair of 12AU7. The circuitry aims at maximizing dynamic and transient details. The power supply and the transformer are houses in different chassis to reduce electromagnetic influences. LESS IS MORE. But most people think MORE means Better. It is NOT TRUE in the true high end segment. It is not Wavac's philosophy.

    Also, in my humble experience, the Wavac is designed to play as a complete set. The electrical impedance characteristics between the PR-T1 and the 805 are perfectly aligned to get the best synergy.

    If you like the 805 mono block, it will be a waste if you do not match it with the PR-T1.

    Just my humble opinion.

    Just my humble opinion.
  • 黄先生,

    不要想太多, 部PR-T1是極品級作品 - 是大機風範的風格. 這裡的大哥們差不多全部都用過, 而且大部份用了兩年或以上, 絕少人放. 玩了一套以後, 你會發覺好難有機埋到你身, 因動態音色兼備. 二十萬內好難找到對手.

    我同意WChow的看法, 不應該比較零件, 線路重要好多.
  • 多謝意見,我的組合是
    preamp: ARCSP11 MK2
    power amp: MD-805
    speaker: venture CR-1
  • Your source is good. Lots of fine details. It is polite. I guess it will be a great match with the Wavac because Wavac is very expressive and passionate.

    If you are using PR-T1 with the 805, this amplification suite can drive many speakers such as Kharma, Avalon and B&W etc... but these speakers are not good enough in the AE community.
  • First update after 11 years passed, Wavac HE833V2 forthcoming.