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Zanden match Wavac


I wonder how wavac compare to zanden. What is your LP setup? The zanden phono is good. And you match zanden with wavac amp. How it sound like? I am curious to know.

I have a Zanden 1200 phono, betters my old kondo m7. I am interest to know your LP setup. I ordered the da vinci arm but won't come till October. I heard the Lp system in Mr.Leung setup. The voice of the von stade convinced me. It was very impressive. It's kind of hard to describe. You visited then you know.



  • Hi Philip

    Re LP system, I am still a green hand that I dont have much experience/exposure to top notch LP playback system like Mr. Leung's.

    My LP source is still half-baked so the experience may not be relevant. I am upgrading from my very first LP system (Project RPM9X + Shelter 501MkII). Zanden 1200 is the first step to "heaven". The 2nd step is Emminent Ref Cartridge (Which is the ref cartrige used by Yamada san of Zanden). The last piece of puzzle is Raven TT + Da Vinci Tonearm.

    Though it is half baked, I am already very happy. And my limited experience tells me that analogue source has the dynamics and livelihood that digital source is really really hard to produce. Of course, digital source has it convenience but......LP, IMHO, is worth exploring by fellow music/hifi lovers.

    I had listened to Pinao Tuner's LP playback. I know what his father meant by hi frequency energy by female soprano.. The experience is really hard to describe with my limited volcabulary...
  • Bigpiece,

    What a waste on the Zanden 1200 phono now! Hurry up. How do you like the audioaero sacd player?

    So, wavac match zanden well?

    I have a clear audio turntable no bad, hope the dv arm will make better music.

  • Yes, Philip

    It is forsure a waste. But u know $$$...
    Yes, WAVAC and Zanden match very well but the true color need further exploration.

    Big Piece
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