Year End 2009 & The Best Performing Award

Dearest Professional Hi-End Audio lovers,

Time is running fast. 2009 is a crucial year for Audio Exotics. AE keeps a low profile, but experts consider AE one of the most insightful Hi-End Audio representatives and dealers in the World. For more than half a decade, PIANO TUNER and I have conferred with global audio industry professionals and advised top tip talented people.

Road to Hi End
The single one thought make AE growing from a little online store to a famous international audio dealer is that AE believe in “Nature”. Nature is a discipline of the understanding in intellectual truths. I think all our Clients never underestimate the requirements of being a good audio pro. Dealing with new AE products is a constant exercise in the necessary lessons of difference, of likeness, of logic, of being and seeming, of progressive arrangement; of ascent from particular to general; of combination to one end of manifold forces and ideas. No matter what we go through, we are going to the same direction -- the way to the true sound!

“Trying” is another big topic this year. Good thoughts are no better than good dreams, unless they be executed. All of you are adventurer!! All of you pay your heart to reproduce the true sound from you own system!! Fortunately, most of our clients stay with me and PT for a long time. AE believes that every path will converge if we have a same destination. We do have excited and unique experience on Audio road.

It will not need, when the mind is prepared for study, to search for objects. In 2010 Audio Exotics will study and explore more and more incredible Hi-End products for all of our prestige open minded clients. So shall we come to listen to the world with new ears?

2009 Audio Exotics The Best Performing Award
We would like to introduce the very first award in recognition of the most hard-working audiophile in the community striving for sonic perfection with recognized consensus result. The decision is informally based on PT’s frequent contact with the customers all through the year.

For 2009, this award goes to Mr. Danny So who only spends time in HK fewer than 48 hours per week. A high power amplifier such as Wavac HE833v1.3 matching with a highly efficient Cessaro Affascinate SE Horn Speakers presents many fundamental problems that were not bought by many initially. His openness to new ideas and logical approach to solve problem step by step is evident in the music playing through his system with each passing month. It is the spirit that counts and it should be honored.

We shall present a gift to Mr. Danny So shortly.

Wish you all Happy New Year



  • Well done, DSo.
  • We have the same system. Zanden 2000p/5000s, wavac pre/amp suite, same speakers and even same cables.

    It is the spirit that counts. Danny, good job!
  • 蘇公子, 你得很少時間在港, 仍能有毅力去接受意見不斷改進, 確是值得表揚的精神.
  • Good job. I guess I can't use the excuse of inadequate time anymore.
  • No doubt! There should be a trophy or a bottle of wine for Danny! How many party we ve been there in past year, and sound getting better and better. Great Job!
  • Good job. 2010 should see your effort spend on vinyl setup.
  • Danny certainly well deserved this award. He is the kind of gentleman who always wears a smile and could provide constructive feedbacks with sound arguments. I think his attitude towards improving his system is to address the fundamentals, room acoustics, power, signal noise, hum sound, then goes into his expert domain, tubes and electronics. I still recall PTsang giving Danny's 833 much praises last time when we were there listening to Takumi. Danny did a lot of homework in finetuning his 833 by carefully choosing the tubes and finally has got the endorsement of PTsang who is also an 'ultra' expert on tubes. Compared to them, I am really nowhere close to 'hardworking'!

    Danny, you earn my salute!
  • The sound of DSo system really impressed me. Great Job!
  • It should be us to give a trophy to AE instead. Unlike some dealers who always want to sell you a product without knowing anything about your system, AE understands very well how noise problems can affect your system. Their step by step approach to search and introduce the best products in the world to tackle these noises is the best way not just to solve but also to learn about them. Together with FMR cables, we can now bring back our system to full potential. Whatever I achieve now is all because of AE, I must give my tribute to Jlam and PT.

    I should also say thanks to Mr. DV, Mr. Tsang and Charles for their fruitful advices after each visit.
  • Though I am from Taipei, Marvel mentioned about your audio good deeds privately with me from time to time. Good job!

    Are you ready to go straight to the Beta in 2010?
  • My very first purchase in the new year today is the organic speaker cable. It is very transparent, detail and quiet. A super bargain for the price.
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