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Installation of the 10th pair of Wavac 833 v1.3 in HK/China

We went straight to Dongguan with Studiogrey today to set up the Wavac 833 v1.3 for a new friend.


  • We grabbed it out asap.
  • Studiogrey is a macho man with a lot of energy on his arm/shoulders. I only found out today.
  • Honestly, Grey is much more familiar with the 833 than me. He installed tubes quickly and precisely.
  • A sea of FMR cables lying everywhere. It took us more time to connect the cables than setting up the amp due to the presence of active crossover and the involvement of bi-amping.
  • The owner of the system is extremely satisfied of the 833 driving the woofers section of his giant Westlake speakers. We were a bit worried at first because we are not familiar with such complicated system. We are not familiar with the Chinese made amp driving the radial horn. We are not sure about the integration etc. But after 1 hour of warm up of the whole system, alongside re-setting the previous config of the "Cello 12-button equalizer". We were all pleasantly surprised by the quality of the whole setup considering the amp is right out of the box. The owner again is extremely happy. We can see the smile on his faces coming from his heart.
  • This is one very good looking tube amp. I heard about this amp many times but never has any chance to listen. 10 pairs sold are not a small amount because the price is very expensive. It must be something very special.
  • There are always fans everywhere on this super tube amp.
  • 八三三夾部國產膽功放好有型! 但好有可能習遲早都要整部威域EC300B去樓上才夠全面, 夾翻個身價. 嘩! 十對八三三咪成五球野! 瘋狂!
  • Why there is no report on AC-2 conditioner? I am glad to see another fan of 833. I have no intentional of selling the 833 even my Takumi is coming before Xmas.
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