Technical Support of AE

One of the key concerns, as an end user, for playing around with all these hi-fi gears is technical support. I am sure many of you have had experience on component failure due to mis-use, age, electrical instability etc. Good bless if they are 'hong goods' and you can take them back for repair. Who would repair your gear, a master or an apprentice? Are they being handled with care during transportation and in the warehouse? What components, circuits have they replaced and replaced by what? Many such questions would be left unanswered as long as the turnaround time is quick enough before you start worrying about all these. Trouble is, they also take ages to come back!!

I know I have a lot to write about the products of AE, but the very first thing I would like to say is my sincere thanks to their Tech Team. So far, I have called upon the help of the Tech Team from AE twice. One is to change the polarity of the XLR input/output to match between the DAC and preamp, another one is to replace a suspect faulty circuit board. Both were done onsite at my home without having the need to take away my components. This helps a great deal in minimising the risk of the component damage due to transportation, as well, you can actually see the 'surgery' and learn a lot from the engineer while he is diagnosing and fixing the problems for you. AE's engineers are extremely efficient and knowledgeable and their mobility to come onsite is the fastest that I have experienced. The attention to details and professionalism demonstrated is unparallelled. How much did I pay: 2 cans of soft drink and the rest is covered by AE including the expensive CHF4000 circuit board expressed mailed to me replacing the suspected (still suspected) faulty one.

There are many dealers in HK providing post sale support but AE really raises the bar to another height!

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