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Pre amp for WAVAC MD300B

Dear music lovers,

I am a WAVAC MD300B user, with Audioaero, Prestige SACD Player as digital source and Zanden 1200 Phono as analogue source. Driving FAL C90 EX. The setup has run-in for more than 3 months. I am very happy with the setup especially on vocals, strings and piano playback.

I shared with another WAVAC MD300B mono user and found the "attenuator" bundled is already very good and adding other preamp may not be required. I tried connecting Zanden Passive Pre and Vitus SL100. Would like to invite comments and suggestions from other users.

Big Piece


  • Will you come back HK Soon? I got something for you. Special Master Grade Edition of........hohohoho....
  • Not too sure, may have a biz trip back in Aug. What sort of "posion" this time?
  • Big piece,

    So, no PR-T1 better for FAL? I buy maybe a wavac passive preamp? Any expereince?

    Chi Yan
  • Chi Yan

    PR-T1, I have no experience and thats what I want to know too. WAVAC Passive Pre, no experience

    My experience with Zanden Passive Pre, which I believe to be the same class of WAVAC Passive Pre, is mixing. The result is not 100% necessary to have the passive pre.

    Would like to see input from others.

    Big Piece
  • big piece hing

    Do you mean that if there is a volume control in the power amp, the passive pre is not necessary? what are the pros and cons? could you please share more? i'm current a useer of the zanden passive pre.
  • I believe a good quality pre-amp like Zanden Passive Pre, Karan, etc is still a must for conventional speaker system. What I am not too sure is its importance on the high sensitivity camp, like FAL. Its is worth noting that those small power tube amps normally come with attenuator, like WAVAC, FAL or even Horning.....
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