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It was finally delivered to me after 8 months of waiting! A long queue where the designers are not paying much attention to entertain in order to compromise on the quality!

The first lesson I learnt is the insufficient space on my rack to house this 2 chasis unit. With some advance planning, I packed up the Zanden DAC for the time being and move the Vekian DAC to the window platform with a SRA platform.

What you see in this photo is after 2 hours of wrestling and juggling within my tiny space.....



  • The 2nd lesson I learnt after 2 hours wrestling last night was, it tells me it is absolutely not a 'plug and play' machine. When everything was connected up and the 'judgement day' sound was produced no matter which channel I switched to!! Only tiny hiss sound could be heard. Without much help after flicking through the manual and try a few switches on the front and at the back, I called PT and he was sort of expecting my call due to my track record of having some teething problems whenever I installed new gears! He calmed me down and made a few phone calls and then called me back to install the tubes back to the main chasis as they were separated for safe shipping!! Of my limited experience on tube gears, they have all had their tubes preinstalled and this is the first one I have to install the tubes before using it....I noted there were 2 boxes of tubes provided to me but I thought they were spare but in fact, one box is spare and the other one are the ones that I have to install before using the phono preamp....

  • I don't know much about electronics but when I opened the chasis, I was appreciative on the circuits so I took a few photos of it eventhough I was very desperate to get it sing!

    If Tidal Preos is the tube sound like solid state phono preamp, this EMT is perhaps the most solid state like tube phono preamp...when music started flowing out from it, the overall speed, dynamics and organic coherence are so vividly presented with a grandeur soundstage thrown out not just in front of me but engulfing me like a 3-d virtual musical hall....Both Preos and JPA66 are very neutral and linear which do not exhibit a particular ear catching coloration to me....tonality is extremely vivid and with solid colors and timbre....bearing in mind it was my impression on the very first hour without much breaking in....

    This morning, I started to adjust the input gain of my 805 power amp in order to match better with the high gain output of the EMT to yield a better result on the balance between microdynamic and macrodynamic....

    Will report more after more hours of burning in...
  • You do have one hell of a serious phono stage there. Treasure it.
  • The greatest Hi Fi play boy on earth!
  • Wow! It must be lethal given the legendary EMT name in the world of analogy playback.
  • Yes, EMT is a very sophisticated piece of art, it really plays music in the most unbiased and neutral would take me years to learn how to use it to the fullest extent....glad to own such piece which is an art for collection and at the same time a means for years of musical woow ....

  • I wanna be playboy too.
  • what's tube inside the phono?
    Dream phono stage!
  • You don't have to dream. The level of you gears tell me you can buy it easily. I saw somewhere else on the web, you have a few turntables, thales arm, wavac 833, and a boulder phono. I were you, I will sell the boulder phono and collect the EMT.
  • I use a set of coral feet underneath the power supply of EMT...result is very positive in enhancing the transparency without any adverse impact on the musical softness and making the images too shiny and sharp....can't wait for one more set for the main chasis....

  • Mavle兄呢部野原來係堅過石堅的名器. 昨天出添置聽班吹水佬講至知. 不如我帶我個fan部FM222 phano 來揪下你部機好唔好?
  • The phono stage request 6 x ecc8033, give some TFK 803s from Ebay.
  • Fire-4,

    It would be fun to hear side by side with FM222. Please arrange via AE for a convenient timeslot for both of us...

  • Marvel大哥大, 我個朋友部FM222只有XLR輸出, 請問你用咩前級有冇XLR輸入? 你部EMT有冇XLR輸入?
  • I checked the forum a few times a day in the hope of reading more about the JPA66. Did you take time to explore this great phono preamp more?
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