BACH - handmade from Switzerland

Among all accessories on musical equipments, isolation feet always took me a lot of time to measure their effectiveness on gears.
I am not a expert on it and I can only tell that all kinds of isolation feet have their effects on the sound performance such as sound stage, details, extensions .... . I have tried many models of TAOC, Symposium, HRS and this one (BACH) shocked me when they were first time on my hands. This is the lightest gear I ever come across. It is made of very light wood and I even afraid my 43lb cdp might damage them because some screws and uneven spots at the bottom plate of the CDP probably could ruin its surface.
So this one took me more time to gear up as I had to lift and place the CDP very carefully. I really hate this sweating exercise.
The BACH consists of 3 small light round devices and shape like shell, a round circular shell. Unliked many other isolation feet under my cdp, it allowed slight movement of my cdp when I applied small pressure to push it. This is due to the round dome shape of the BACH at its bottom.
Back to the sound, there was a short story. I used isolation feet before to enhance my sound stage and tighten the bass on my gears. After I changed my power cord and RCA to Argento, I no longer needed any isolation feet under my cdp. I just left my cdp on the TAOC AS sound control board. Those Argento gears already provide me richness and clarity of sound. I thought I could stop there until this BACH came under my CDP.
The BACH enhanced my sound in a very subtle way. Very subtle. It did not tighen up the bass or round up the high. It just allow the music flow smoothly on my gears and make the sound more comfortable to my ears. There are more extensions and details when listen carefully. These extensions and details are very micro in scale. I believe these micro things add towards the truthness of sound. When I listened to Sax music, the flow of air and sound just came out from the tube in an balance and comfortable way. No stress on either side, just neutral, natural and beautiful.

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