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Argento Flow Master Reference Power Bar - for those who refuse to compromise

Why does it take so long for Argento to manufacture a seemingly simplistic powerbar product? Argento goes back to the very fundmantal drawing board and re-examine what needs to be done to avoid the label of a "me too" product. The manufacturing details are tremendous. The end result is a powerbard that perform the "disappearing act" in the power transmission section. The ORB HT-4G is by no means a great buy at that price point. The Argento FMR powerbard is another ballpark.

It was a project initiated almost 2 years ago. Marvel bro can easily verify because he asked whether there is any powerbar from Argento. It took a full 2 year to develop a powerbar without any active filtering devices. For many, this should take onlhy 2 days. Why 2 years? It is beause of repeated blind testing and refuse to rush product out amidst an ocean of "me too" counterparts. Now, here it goes.

I can already envison the presence of it in many of our loyal customers' home.



  • What is the cable used? FMR? OR? Can I send in a SMR EE power cable to make a special one for me? I am now using 2 SMR EE on 2 OrB power bar but this 8 outlets monster can remove the ultimate barrier on the power chain for me.

  • Interesting! I may try one
  • 呢舊野又係毒品? 同ORB點比先? 不過, Argento從來冇令我失望過.
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