Just My View...

We are all simply human beings with different tastes and different views - we come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds - we are ALL children of one creator! He who designed us made us as his rainbow on this earth and gave each and every one of us Free Will - we are different so that we are not monotonous and routine - we have the choice to speak our minds and act as we will - no one has to listen - no one has to look - I believe that those with hang ups about themselves take those hang ups out on others - they feel inadequate about certain areas of themselves and think that all people should have the same opinion - WRONG !

I am me and you are you - I accept that you are going to be different from me - I appreciate that difference in you - it helps to make life more interesting - the difference in you and/or your views may spark new ideas and/or inspirations in my life, how wonderful! This is how I found the road of Audio Exotics and The Road to High Fidelity and Highly exact correspondence to the original MUSIC.

Try to think and accept differences. Believe yourself. Consider others. Work out the big picture together.

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