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Argento SR SE RCA

I\'ve been using XLO LE RCA (top model of its product) for musical enjoyment for some time. My recent purchase on Argento SR SE RCA has taken me to another level of clarity and soundstage. The difference is huge enough that I would like to use the words “quick scan” for old days and “full scan” for today. My SR SE is just doing a full scan on each musical note and let me examine them clearly. I\'m satisfied with this purchase and the sales service is extremely good.


  • HI, Peter,

    You are the one who bought the SMR power cord? SR SE is a very good pair of interconnect and according to AE, it is a further advancement of their previous flagship VDM interconnect. The design is different from the SMR series but you can regard it as VDM Advanced version. I am using one pair from a SACD player to the preamp. Accepting that it is not as perfect as SMR series, it scores evenly good with the blue blood of Argento. No complaint (even at this price range).

  • I am considering to upgrade my serenity se to serenity reference se. I listened to the sr se spk cable in tuner place. Tuner is not using smr. I only see a sr speaker cable with the fantastic horning. Then later, he told me his signal path has no smr, only sr. i know it must be good.

    Anyone has the experience of switching from serenity to serenity ref?

  • Hi Alan,

    I am Alan too. I add my last name back not to confuse. I use SMR cables. The sr se cables I listened to them in PT showroom. Maybe, his electronics and especially the speakers are crazy level stuff, I feel the SR se cable is excellent although I use smr se cables.

    I think the sr se cable are good value for money. I sold my holland flagship silver/gold cable and change to smr se.

    Alan Chan
  • Hello All;

    I'm considering to get one pair SR SE signal cables, but I'm no idea go for XLR or RCA? Anyone can give me advise?

    Peter, why you choose RCA?
  • Klau hing,

    XLR is more quiet but RCA is more smoother sounding. If you listen human voice most of the time, the rca may sound better. Jazz records, XLR may be better. Are you using serenity se now and want upgrade to serenity reference se?


  • i want to sell my Goldmund RCA and change to serenity reference se.

  • Hello Alan,

    Both voice and Jazz are also my favorites. Quite difficult to choose! The SR SE RCA is borrowed from JLam.
  • Dear Klau

    Wt difference between SR SE RCA and Goldmund RCA

    Do you have idea

  • Hello Butcher,

    Sorry, I'm no experience for Goldmund RCA.

  • Hello Klau

  • Klau, XLR is more balance. Go for XLR.
  • Alan, Thank you for your suggestion.
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